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  1. Well, folks, any possible solution to my situation has gotten too far beyond my computer expertise to pursue further. I am very appreciative of the thought and time all of you have spent trying to help me do something which started out seeming to be very simple and straight forward. The simplest answer to my problem seems to be to find a old desktop or laptop with XP installed and buy it to run the program I need. If my current laptop dies I will resurrect it, somehow, as a compatible Windows XP machine. I believe I saw in the bios that it will run in IDE mode, but that is another can of worms. Since starting this journey, some health problems for my wife have put a higher priority on my time so at present I am ending my attempts to install XP on my laptop. Thank you all very much for your time and suggestions. oldtiger64
  2. jaclaz, WOW! I seem to have opened a can of worms with what I thought to be a simple question! Lots of the preceding sounds like Greek written in English! A quick point before proceeding, I have a desktop with XP installed on the H: drive. A little confusing at first but once I got used to it no problems. And XP is only OS installed on that macjhine. Now, trying to pick up where we left off when last communicating. I used nLite to create a new ISO file with a copy of XP Pro SP1, with SP3 and the following HP driver (ahcix86.sys) slipstreamed into the setup. When setup is run and it gets to Step 5 the following screen shows:Doc1.doc Hope you can see the file showing the screen, I am at a loss how to include the picture I took in the message body. oldtiger64
  3. jaclaz, just saw your other 2 questions: Which Hardware ID does match HP 455G1 Sata controller? I asked on the HP forum if there were any XP drivers available for my specific model laptop and was advised that there were none BUT, to try the AMD SATA drivers for another model, which were the last XP SATA drivers HP provided for their AMD laptops. That is the driver I am slipstreaming into the ISO file I have created. Which driver did you add? Did you usesd textmode mode.Yes, I am using the default textmode to slipstream the driver into the ISO file and using the x86 driver, The HP driver I am using will at least let me get to Step 5 in the setup process, before Setup stopped at the point where it asked if a driver needed to be installed, and since I did have a driver, Setup stopped. oldtiger64
  4. OK, I understand your ? about the Step 5 now, but I do not remember specifically what the screen looked like when I got to that point in the XP install. What I will have to do is create a new ISO file using nLite and the HP driver I have and try and run setup again. I will take a picture of the screen I get at Step 5 and get back to you. It mighet be a couple days or more before I can do this. I do know that it showed all the "things" on the laptop HDD EXCEPT the W "thing" and I knew better than to try and install XP to any of them as it might possibly destroy the existing Win 7 OS install. I have installed or upgraded every previous Windows operating system going all the way back to 3.11 to many IDE and EIDE HDD's, but never to a SATA drive, to my knowledge. I cannot remember ever having any particular problem with an installation. I have also reinstalled XP and it's SP3 upgrade a number of times and had to update the bios and drivers, and again do not recall any unusual problem(s). Will get back to you when I can create the new ISO file and try XP install again. Thanks again! oldtiger64
  5. Even though your knowledge is WAY beyond mine, I pretty much understand what you are saying about the differences in the way Win 7 and XP setup and that installing the additional XP system on the HDD might just screw up things so I have NO functional computer. As for answering your specific questions, let me give it a shot. 1) What do you see right now at that step? Not 100% sure what you are referring to here, but if it is what I see during my attempted install to the W thing, setup will run until it reaches the point where it asks WHERE to install the program and shows all the items described previously, except the W thing, so I am unable to go further. (I need to understand what is the situation now, before suggesting you how to go on). 2) Can you (if needed) re-create the .iso (with or without nlite)? Yes, I could recreate the iso file again using nLite. It is looking more like what I really need to do is buy an old laptop and use it to run my old inventory program. When I bought this laptop I specifically bought with a version of Windows 7 that would run the XP virtual machine. My program runs, up to a point, in the virtual machine, but is essentially useless. 3) Do you have a PE of some kind (please describe) or the Windows 7 install DVD. I do not know what a PE, is but yes, I do have a copy of the original DVD setup for the copy of Wiindows 7 installed on the laptop. Again, appreciate you time and help! oldtiger64
  6. jaclaz, thank you for your response, first off let me say my computer experience is limited so some of your terms and comments my be over my head! The computer that I need XP is a HP ProBook 455G1, with an AMD A6-4400 M APU. *GB RAM runnining a 64 bit copy of Windows 7. The 698GB HDD hard drive is partitioned as follows C: Windows 604.18GB, D: Recovery 11.45GB, E: Tools 1.99GB, :System (no drive letteror size showing) and the drive I installed W: 80.0GB using Windows 7 disk management tools to shrink the existing space on the main drive Windows disk management shows all drives as healthy and I can write and read data to the W: drive I created without any problem. The W: drive is showing as 3 in the list of the 5, between C: and D: (Again, my terminology may not be correct, but hopefully this gives you a better understanding of my current dsetup) I really appreciate you trying to help me! oldtiger64 .
  7. Long story short, I have the need to install my legal copy of Windows XP on a new 64 bit AMD HP 455G1 laptop running Windows 7 Pro, because my old software does not operate correctly in the XP virtual machine mode! So, I added a new 80GB partition (currently W) on the HDD of my laptop. I was able to get the XP SATA driver for another model HP AMD laptop, and have slipstreamed my Windows XP SP2, SP3 and x86 driver into an ISO file using nLite. The installation works fine up to the point where it asks where to install XP and the partition (W) I created is not shown, so setup stops. Any ideas how I can get my laptop to recognize the new partition? As you all know there ain't nobody out there supporting XP anymore, and that is a crying shame! oldtiger64
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