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  1. Hi I was not familiar with the first tool you mentioned (zzfind) but I also found the docx2txt converter. But I was trying to avoid other tools, hence my solution to unizp the docx. I do not have positive experiences with downloading tools to state it carefully (virusses). I realized that the > and < signs in the xml files could mean trouble, but I can program in C so I am able to parse a file with C to avoid possible hickups with a bat file. Thank you very much for your help and the links! greetings, Anjo
  2. Hi It does exactly what I want. Thanks. And of course you are right: it isn't actual dos but a dos box within the windows operating system. And yes, I could use the underlying command but I did not succeed on that. That's why I want to use the universal extractor. I know that it is an interface and that the underlying methods must be present on my computer but I do not know how to get to it. My problem started because I wanted to serach docx files for a certain string with the windows explorer. If I find the string, change a specific file and perform a different search succeeding the fist search, the file is not indexed yet so the windows search does not work relyably. But the find or findstr (dos commands) do not search through docx files due to the nature of the docx files. If I unzip the doc files, however, I can search them with e.g. a findstr. And that search is relyable, even shortly after editting the file. I could solve the problem by converting the docx to a txt file, but I already have universal extractor and I do not want to donwload too much third party stuff... So the idea is to create a batch file (within a dos box) that loops over the files I want to search through, unzip them and use "findstr" on them. thanks again! greetings, Anjo
  3. Perhaps I am overlooking something, but I just cannot find it: is it possible to use universal extractor from a dos command line? I have to unextract a batch of files. thanks, Anjo

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