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  1. HFSLIP and Windows XP x64?

    Firts I like like to thank all Tomcat76 and the other for HFSLIP and the support, update lists and so on made available freely to the community. I'm about to migrate my computer to x64 (XP, not Vista) and was wondering if HFSLIP has plans to be "updated" for it... So far, the installation process for both OS (XP and XP x64) are the same, but the list of packages to be integrated change, and some of them are constant (except for the platform x86 <-> x64). Anyway, tehre aren't a lot of fixes to install after SP2 for x64... but just wondering. Thanks again for the hard work, and keep working Regards.
  2. Driver Compressor

    Hello Roufneck, Tested your tool with ATI (6-2-30152 device driver download) 6-2_xp-2k_dd_30152.exe The generated destination shows the 3 .vp files compressed as .v_ The problem is when Windows autodetect the driver (I'm usin PnPSetup) could find it: it expect file to be named .vp_ Will be good if you add your progam a way to detect if extension is less than 3 characters, just add the underscore to it instead of replacing last character. btw, compressing Realtek HD Audios took 42 minutes and copied 450MB, compress size was 150MB Thank you Zero
  3. Driver Compressor

    Hello, Using 10/27/05 version it cannot compress Intel 8255x-based PCI Ethernet Adapters (e100b325 Version 8.0.19) I attached to this message the inf file used, check that the SourceDiskFiles required to work recides in the same folder: [SourceDisksFiles] e100b325.din = 1,, e100bnt5.din = 1,, e100b325.sys = 1,, e100bnt5.sys = 1,, Prounstl.exe = 1,, IntelNic.dll = 1,, e100bmsg.dll = 1,, So I have included them in the same folder, plus the .cat file. The error driver compressor drop me is this: Setupfile: e100b325.inf Setupdir: \Net\e100b325 _______________________________ File: e100b325.inf File: e100b325.cat FINDSTR: Cannot open \e100b325.din File: e100b325.din Could Not Find D:\Users\zerospeed\Desktop\e100b325\Net\e100b325\e100b325.din The same error for each one of the SourceDiskFiles section... Maybe :FindSourceDir is reporting "root" of the drive, instead of the current folder from which I executed drv_comp? e100b325.zip
  4. Hi tommyp and everybody, I have included to this msg ERROR_REPORT generated by HFSLIP, WU geenrated by hfnetchk (is Shavlik Technologies or need the MSBA?) besides, run the QFEcheck and attached the report from it too. The KB885836 didn't integrate, even if it is listed in the fixes folder. Extracted manually and seems ok, so no corrupted installation file. I added to specific fixes for the tools I use (KB885222) to solve firewire 800 issues (solved the problem with network not working, was windows firewall interfering). The other fix is for Adobe Premiere Pro (KB886716) to solve MPEG2 creation problems. Any previous report on this? Cya, Zero ZeroSpeed_Report.zip
  5. No HFSLIP for XP SP1?

    Well, a few hours later, got a XP+SP1 cd working, but no HFSLIP possible Even after the SP1 / SP2 modification, the CD didn't pass from the kernel loading with the cd boots (STOP 0x06 if memory don't fail me). So, no way to solve this... integrating the old way (patch after patch). Now with SP1 1394b networking works, but something "lags" when remotely playing files, when SP2 didn't happen... (but with SP2 soemtimes network completly disappeared) Well, back to the design table, looking for solutions. Thanks anybody, Zero
  6. No HFSLIP for XP SP1?

    Hi, due some incompatibilities with SP2 (firewire 1394b not working, to list one) I need to install SP1 in a few computers. is HFSLIP compatible with it? I made a list of hotfixes need to be installed from a clean XP SP1 CD. Could these hf be slipstreamed with HFSLIP? Maybe hfslip.cmd should try to expand sp1.cab before sp2.cab and then merge it with driver.cab. Is that possible? Thanks for making this excelent tool! Bye. Zero
  7. Beta HFSLIP

    Hello tommyp, I replaced my hotfix-integrator stuff with HFSLIP, worked ok. Now replaced it with this beta, and I have some comments to add: First I will provide my background on fixes and building steps. 1) Fixes I'm trying to slipstream (placed in HF): Windows-KB890830-V1.9-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB873339-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB885250-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB885835-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB885836-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB886185-x86-esn.exe WindowsXP-KB887742-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB888113-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB888302-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB890046-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB890859-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB891781-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB893066-v2-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB893756-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB894391-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896358-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896422-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896423-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896428-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896688-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB899587-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB899589-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB899591-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB900725-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB901017-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB901214-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB902400-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB904706-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB905414-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB905749-x86-ESN.exe ESN is code language of Spanish. I'm doing a modular builder, so I split fixes for ENU and ESN. Language Neutral Fixes (for all the languages): WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe LegitCheckControl.cab First I start from a XPSP1 CD, slipstream SP2 and then copy fixes and move I386 to SOURCES for HFSLIP processing. Later, to the processed I386, I automatically perform HDAudio (KB888111) integration (later could post how I solved this, no insert disk dialog & sound still work after reboots). Added automatically custom drivers (pyron's method) and then created the ISO. 2) After installation, go to Windows Update and showed only two critical updates: KB887472 & KB890046 Even that both are included in the HF directory. besides that, everything worked good. Later will try to include specific updates related to Firewire IEEE 1394b and MPEG2 in Adobe Premiere Pro, which are common on my env. A suggestion for the Add/Remove programs in control panel: Your HFSLIP item shows a "Change/Remove" button, the code in hfslip_51024.cmd starting at line 1990. Adding the following lines will remove it, like the integrated hotfixes from the traditional method (not yours). "NoModify"=dword:00000001 "NoRepair"=dword:00000001 "NoRemove"=dword:00000001 Don't know how to express dword values in the INF, but adding this remove the totally useless button in this item. So far, this beta perform better than before and smaller, ~20MB of total (566MB total compared with previous version, 587MB) and ~120MB smaller than traditional hotfix integration (/integrate). Thank you for this wonderful script/tool!!! Later, Zero
  8. Hello, Taked plain Windows XP SP1 Pro CD CD and slipstreamed SP2 (/integrate) Making a iso of it, and run it on VirtualPC perform the text-based copy-file process at normal speed. Tried the same after HFSLIPed the lasted october hotfixes and it "stop" from time to time, exactly at the files update (a few sys, dll and chm and exe). Searched the forum and found this post that indicate something related with makecab. Is normal behavior? looked at the facts and no sign of it... Or maybe I didn't do my homework Trying to HFSLIP a Windows XP SP2 Spanish, will report progress when made it... (guess will perform ok). Later, Zero
  9. Driver Compressor

    I'm having problems using compress.cmd with Intel INF files. I followed the instructions form this post and copy the 68 files (.cat & .inf) to a new folder. The I ran compress.cmd and got this resulting screen. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Driver Compressor Tool ®2005 Klaas Nekeman ____________________________________ msfn.org - for your unattended needs ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Setupfile: 815.inf Setup directory: \System\815. File: 815.inf 1 file(s) copied. File: 815.cat 1 file(s) copied. ) was unexpected at this time. S:\_building_\nlite_drivers_raw\intel_inf> Only 815 gets created. Following the post, isn't suppossed multi-inf directories could be parsed? I have attached (7z) the intel_inf folder for your testing. (it is based on 1012 chipset inf from intel site). Thanks Zero intel_inf.7z
  10. Use XPlode - as building tool?

    Yes!, console output!. Too much information (for logging and debugging could be useful) but for normal usage is too much information. I was thinking something closer to: based on XML: ... <item display='Adding users and groups...'> <addgroup groupname='Cowboy Bebop' comment="It's them bounty hunters!" /> <adduser username='Spike' password='swordfish' groups='Administrators "Cowboy Bebop"' fullname='Spike Spiegel' comment="Don't mess with the best!" /> <adduser username='Jet' password='hammerhead' groups='"Cowboy Bebop"' fullname='Jet Black' comment="When the Black Dog bites, he don't let go!" /> </item> ... Generate this filtered output: XPlode4 Adding users and groups... [33%] Adding user Jet... .... Adding users and groups.... done. .... Copying files to build directory... [45%] Main executables.... .... Copying files to build directory... [66%] Global runtimes.... .... So in that way, you mimic the <item display=''> for Line1 and the display for execute or other sub-items actions. The conditional part: Lets say I wanted to include other XML with items definitions if env variable "CLEAN" is defined, no matter what value it have. Later, we could define "VERSION_TAG" on command line or env. and use it as paramenter of execute action, and only perform the item actions if VERSION_TAG is defined, in case it didn't exist, ignore the actions. Simple conditional? I think the tags affected could be include and item, the actions on each item didn't need that. Example: <items> <include file='#XPLODE#\cleanup.xml' condition='#CLEANUP#' /> <item display="test1"> <FileIO display="copy files..."> <copy from="&SrcDir;" to="&DstDir;" mask="*.cab" /> </FileIO> </item> </items> Hope this helps. Cya, Zero PS: The <!ENTITY> tag of your xplode4 xml will not validate, isn't well-formed. Maybe a change on it to be valid?
  11. Use XPlode - as building tool?

    I've tried and used xplode 1.1.2 internally to deploy a series of updates and configurations (standanlone, not in T-12 or T-39 Xp-setup) and found it very useful for this task. Because we develop software, we use scripts/batch files to automate the buidling process. I wondered if xplode could be used for that purpose? In its current state it cannot perform/exclude some item actions based on conditions, like environment variables defined or passed from the command line. This could help replace the existing batch files for some structured script, like the format used by xplode. Other thing that we could found useful is a console plugin that "dump" the visuals. Maybe I need to explain this a bit: We often deploy these updates using remote text based consoles and logging as administrators (on some w2k servers), if we could get some output/feedback of what is going on the remote side... could be very helpful. So: conditional executing for items and actions and console plugin... Late-xmas gift? excuse my poor & obsolete english Zero