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  1. NoelC, I want to pay and do not want special treatment. If you have not read the previous posts I repeat it here: I speak for many who are in the same situation as me and do not ask me to send you the list. I'll tell you a little story of my life: Someday in my past I visited a friend to meet his 5 year old daughter, when I put my cell phone (I had three of the most modern) on the table, the child wished one of them, his mother told him that he could not and she went in despair and wept uncontrollably. I ask you. This was a new technology. Why would a child want a phone? Where she learned th
  2. Exactly what is written, want me to draw for you to understand? Is that a threat?
  3. Quite right jaclaz, You're welcome! Pizza is a sacred food eaten by the nobles of the old empire, few know how to do, you can not call any round thing pizza. And if help with anything, I'm also an engineer! and do not know much about pizza. In my country, when going out with a girl and does not give anything, we say that ended in pizza, you know why? Why do we eat pizza and not the ... ZEUS
  4. Hi dencorso, I've seen you around! You're welcome. I found curious you put OS: 98SE! Sometimes I'll to cyberwar with XP! I understand bigmuscle, he does not understand us: If you can not charge a person you could not deprive him of his desire, because you created the desire, then it's your problem, not hers. The watermark will come out, this will, in one way or another. I think one week after by my first post here is long enough to resolve this standoff. Freedom to activists !!! FREEDOM !!! Best Regards ZEUS
  5. Hi Tripredacus, Again, thank you. I understood what you said. I repeat, today I do not want to have PayPal, today I do not want attach a bank account to PayPal, in the future, perhaps. Best RegardsZEUS
  6. jaclaz, I love the Italians. I have Italian descent. As you may already know, play can get out of control and get serious, it happens even with amimais in nature. And a big virtue I've seen in Italian when I worked with them and I did not learn well was not holding grudges. Fight and become friends fast how kids! A friend of mine Italian who is in Brazil send a hug for you! His name is Cesare Battisti! ZEUS
  7. jaclaz, I thought I was speaking your language (word password), how do you communicate with a caveman? I'm surprised you have not found id*ot play "secret spy," this was the footprint! The first was the bait. I'm impressed, you're a little old man well forward! I am sure you were a crew of the old Enterprise (Star Trek) and your ear will have grown more than the Spoke and certainly already has a spaceship much more modern and has thing far better that PGP thatyourself have probably broken with ease. Great man! What do you expect me to do now? Click all the buttons you put in front
  8. Hi jaclaz, Man, I like the Italians, their extravagant behavior and speaks loudly, I've worked with you in the MARCONI I took my first steps in UNIX with you! but you are worse than the paradoxical atheist Steve Hawkins that with almost no information believes that a whole universe with time and space can be created spontaneously from nothing but just a timeless and dimensionless creator which could also be the nothingness from which the universe was created, can not. My problem is not specifically with Governments, is ideologically with HYPOCRISY and that includes States, forms of governm
  9. Hi Tripredacus, Thank you for your efforts to solve our problem! I speak by many. Your suggestion is quite pertinent and the best so far, but does not solve the problem. So I will give me the job to repay him with a justified dissertation. I'm sorry if you are a Twitterer who does not like reading. Based on what you said, I could command my internet bank to issue a credit card and smuggle him here where I am, because the courier on my country does not allow sending financial cards or I could simply activate the credit functionality in my debit card that I have here with me and go to PayP
  10. Hi jaclaz, Before coming here to ask for alternatives I had thought about seeking a person or company that could make the payment to me and to this day I have not found. As I said, I'm out of my country and not return very soon and perhaps for many years. Periodically I change the country. Local Friends ... only superficial. Alone, I do my best work. With all due respect, I'm a long time with this pending and I decided that now I will solve it, would not want it in a hex editor, you are my first choice. And this is because I think the value of the donation is well righteous and I propose
  11. Hi Big Muscle, Thanks for your reply. I do not like and I have no credit card (Interest was invented to be received and not to be paid). I use my debit card to withdraw money in any country. You have limited our alternatives and pushes us for underground. Please, please, deliver me from the watermark. Best RegardsZEUS (Excuse me for having overthrown the msfn yesterday when I entered.)
  12. Hello bigmuscle, I wish to make a donation (and get rid of watermark) but I do not have PayPal. I'm traveling outside of my country and the alternative I have is Western Union. I could make a donation by Western Union? If yes, please provide details to send the donation. If not, there would be another alternative? Best Regards ZEUS
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