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  1. The CFI seems like the way to go.
  2. Background: My company deploys between 500-750 Windows based tablets per year. In the past we have used programs like Acronis TrueImage in create an image of the OS and then reimage all the tablets. When WIndows 8 came around I have been unablet to get it working so I have been looking into WindowsPE. We are working with a new OEM (small company that sources the tablets from China and then images them themselves and adds on a strong ruggedized housig for it). They use WindowsPE to image the tablets at boot. Unfortunately, there are about 55 Windows Updates that need to be done to each tablet as well as 6 programs that need to be installed for our purposes before we can deploy them. They have given me the recovery media that I can put on a USB drive, insert into the tablet, boot, press F7 and boot from the USB drive. It then runs WindowsPE and does a recovery. I press type Exit in the cmd. It reboots and run a cleanup script on the desktop and in the Sysprep windows press OK to boot into Out of Box setup mode. What I am trying to accomplish is include the current Windows Updates as well as prepare for future ones that will be released as well as isntall our 6 programs and do a couple things like change the wallpaper and drop a few files in a couple directories. I belive what I need to do is below: Take the current Install.wim file and create an iso Mount it in Hyper-V Manager Install Updates and software Create an bootable image using ImageXWhat I currently have is a folder that is 3.68 GB and has a directory structure inside if with the following folders: bg-bg, Boot, cs-cz, da-dk, de-de, DiskpartFiles, EFI, el-gr, en-gb, etc. In the images folder there is an Install.wim, Winre.wim as well as Unattended.xml, Capture.txt and Install.txt. I belive I need to create the iso from this Install.wim file. When I use the command: oscdimg.exe -bC:\winpe86\iso\etfsboot.com -u2 -h -m -lWIN_EN_DVD c:\winpe86\ c:\winpe86\winpe86.isoI see that it scanded the source tree, it completed with 379 files in 177 directories. It created a compelte image file of 3.86 GB which would make sense since the files that were given to me is just slightly smaller at 3.68 GB. I have then taken that iso and opened Hyper-V Manager, created a VM with no installation media yet. Started the VM mounted the iso and then reset it. I get the error: CDBOOT: Couldn't find BOOTMGR I was hoping that it would start the install process like I have seen on the tablet running off of the USB drive allowig me to then rund all the updates and then work on the next step of creating a new image (WIM) for it to use in the future. Any thoughts on the process? Do I have the right concept just missing something?

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