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  1. Son's Gateway NE56R27U would not boot up, Ordered restoration set from company (Acer). Computer makes very little progress in restoration. Appears not to "see" hd or even dvd at times. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks, everyone, for your help. Maybe when this gets resolved, I'll start on my TI-99s.
  3. Thanks for the response. I seem to be in a catch 22. It seems I need 98 se to run a decent anti virus such as the ones you've mentioned above. When I try to install them, I am informed that the software expects a newer version of windows 98 and to try again when I have one.
  4. Will the Win 95 to Win 98 SE upgrade work for Win 98 to Win 98 SE? I used an old version of McAfee. The other I tried said they were expecting a newer version of windows.
  5. Reinstalled win 98 on lod computer because exe's would not longer run. Problem continues but is corrected when antivirus is run. Problem returns after start up. Also what is the best way to upgrade win 98 to win 98 se? Thanks

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