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  1. hello there, I've got a program that I want to backup or clone with hardware id that has activation key that I've already bought the program on. what i'm looking for is program for to back this program as well registry and activation key. I would like a program to select and scan for activation key that is already been done. is there any software that can help with this so I can put this on any pc? this is software I want to clone and hardware id. mind workstation. just any specific software just 1 or the many. I've got picture how I want to select the image of the program. not folders or drive. just programs and activation without selecting folders showing and drive showing in view like library.
  2. hi there i'm looking for registry tweak to change linear volume mixer and any setings to linear into logarithmic as a tweak. is there any?
  3. hi there mike, you know what mike, i've tryed searching the web nothing came up what i wanted in my own words. i've got to see if any one know the software i'm looking for. the software i use is discontinued.
  4. thanks jumper, StoikCap.exe works on windows 10.
  5. BisonCam / BisonCam NB isn't software that i want. that's only the driver i've looks and it doesn't work on my pc. i've tryed that. i already have webcam. just need some freewere software that allows me to record my self. is there any software that don have pay money? and open source software?
  6. hi there, is there any freeware video making software that is able to import audio and photos? is there also open source software for video making?
  7. thanks tripredacus i'll download that latter when i get home.
  8. hi there, i' looking for free webcamra to reocord my self and i don't have the softare is there any freeware that is safe for desktop pc?
  9. hi there, i'm looking for a battery optimize for both battery and services. does any know one?
  10. hi there i'm looking for a way to to run a 32 bit os on a 64 bit cpu. do i need a driver or something or other things?
  11. i've got 12.52 vmware, and i don't know how to put vmware on windows 10 online with vmware. do i bridged the connections? how do i know if it's right one?
  12. hi there, i've tryed to bridge the wifi to vmware and nat for windows 98 to be online what am i doing wrong?
  13. umm it doesn't seem to work th id finder. what do i've got to install for this? i keep on getting a error i/o error 103
  14. windows 95 vmware doesn't have a good driver and i can not get the hardware id. where is the hardware id?
  15. hi there i'm looking for a video card driver for 256 color, i can't seem to find a working link or driver. can some one please help me? this is for windows 95.
  16. hi there, i want to know is theirs way to run windows 98 se on asrock 070 extreme 3 r2.0 1tb hdd 8 gbs of memory and nvidia 650 with 2 gbs of video ram. i just want to do a multi boot with windows 10 x64. my processor or 6 core also. is there any generic drivers that i can use with windows 98 se with this mbo or do i need anything else done to the bios?. well is there way to run windows 98 se on my pc? is there anything i need to do this mbo in the bios?
  17. hi there, well i'm asking a ? for my self. i'm looking for volume mixer that has to do with vst plugins that will pass through the effects and vst for windows 8.1 volume mixer. do you know of one or any or any replacement software?
  18. hi, is there away to dislabe realtek audio jacks detection on windows 8.1? i don't see it online for windows 8.1.
  19. what i'm trying to do is connect from my WiFi to bluetooth stereo system so i can listen from my pc to my stereo. is there away i can do that with wifi connection and bluetooh?
  20. hi there, i've got a stereo system that has Bluetooth connection. what i'm asking is to how to have windows 10 connect to my stereo system over wifi the same one as my internet connections. it's not detecting it. what i wondering do i need the driver for Bluetooth installed either to connect to my stereo system. is there away?
  21. hi there see i'm trying to read a *.epub on windows and none of the ones will not convert epub or read epub, it says it fail. is there any epub eReader for windows that is not obsolete that is free for windows 10?
  22. this guy has already done it here on youtube: but he doesn't show how to install this software. can some show me how he done so?
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