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  1. I would like to do it inside the exe but not sure how to do this. The exe opens IE to a specific web page. That web page runs some code to update accounting files from an SQL Server database. The web page is still running when the exe windows form closes so iexplore.exe is still running. The web page uses window.close in final code so that web page auto closes when updating is done. Below is my exe code in case you have any suggestions. Public Class Form1 Public Sub Main() Try Dim webAddress As String = "http://msnt01/BodyShop/Updater.aspx?from=vb" Dim P As
  2. Added a separate task job in scheduler that runs command below. TASKKILL /F /IM iexplore.exe Seems to work so far.
  3. We created an exe from Visual Studio that just opens a browser to a designated web page (.aspx file). The web page does some processing and then closes. We added running it from windows task scheduler and it runs fine. However, it leaves processes in the Task Manager called "iexplore.exe *32" for some reason. If I just run the exe by double clicking it it does not leave the "iexplore.exe *32" processes in Task Manager. It is freaky. Any ideas?
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