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  1. I hope the build 10240 is not the final version... There are many things to fix
  2. Hi! When I minimize the music/Groove music app, the sound stops. Maximize the app and the sound continues... Anyone else have this issue? Windows 10 10240 x64 ​
  3. We know the bug in Windows 8.1 in certain dialogues (When delete a file/folder, copy…) Exploring a bit I discovered that deleting all icons size 256x256px in imageres.dll (and replace it) the bug go away. But it is exhausting eliminate about 300 icons for any app/soft. Any interested in investigating this error and solved? Another way to fix it's set the display/screen size (dpi) to 200% (maximum) , but it 's all a bit bigger in sight. * Sorry for my english.
  4. I'm looking modify or disable this dialog. I'm searching for files/resources but I have not found anything. Any ideas?
  5. Hi everyone! Any way to get the pixels to 0? (REGEDIT metrics not working) (Win 8.1)

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