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  1. tentonine: Thanks for your reply. From what I've read 98Lite is used *after* the Windows 98 installation, correct? Does the method here apply the changes to the installation files *before* install or does it slim down an already installed Windows? My goal is nearly the same as nLite - There are many things installed with Windows that are unnecessary for my needs and instead of removing them after the install I wish to exterminate their presence on the installation CD and from the ini/inf files that link to them so that I can then inject software installations into the CD and finally script everything (Windows and all my Apps) to use silent installs / unattended installs so as to have a one-stop recovery in the case of a complete disaster. Not sure at this point what all I want removes as I forget what all is included, but anything I don't use or isn't a shared file by the things that I do use I would like to remove, as well as every driver that comes on the disc and replace them with only the drivers for my hardware. Thanks again for your reply.
  2. PeteK27 / tentonine, I came across this thread while looking for an alternative to nLite that catered to users of win9x, currently nLite only supports Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. After reading your posts there's probably enough information here ( I haven't downloaded the packages or inf files or anything yet, waiting for my 98b disc to turn up first hehe ) to accomplish my goals but I'm very interested in this idea. Do either of you have any information since these posts concerning your own respective projects? I'm really interested in this topic and would like to learn what you guys' projects are / were and their purpose as I too of course have an ongoing project of similar nature and am simply curious as to the function of what you've built.

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