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  1. how do i got about this , ntfs paste all files , chkdsk /f , repair windows 8.1 dvd ?
  2. ahh ok i was think along team viewer but no worries i will try format ntfs and restore files then back up to files and restore from file back to ssd raid
  3. if i recovery the partition its still raw data so it wont work with chkdsk ? do u have skype maybe u could give me a hand
  4. i found it all but how do i go about restoring it to a single hard drive ? as no option to repair ?
  5. this is what i get what can i do from there to ? to get ntfs partition to a disk drive
  6. il looking for software or sumink to back up and restore from a 2012 windows server and nightly or weekly back up that if huge fail i can use boot from iso over network and restore a raid 0 / other pc to how it was any help advise
  7. ntfs filesyster was founf on 8th sector (huge) but how irestore it , ive restores all files from route (so i got my important stuff back) i have a back up image of the file and cloned image to a 2nd drive so im safe to play now but wana try change from raw , no english videos of this process 64k was only sector serch with no errors and seems so have alllll my data back so what option to restore file
  8. well ur program of choice just started using duno how to use it , but so far looks good lots of ntfs volume's , duno what to do with that tho , found raid 0 ad HD thats good right ?
  9. yes raid 0 was set up currently trying the free http://www.freeraidrecovery.com/library/raid0-recovery.aspx selected the 2 ssd and found sumink gives me the option to write array to disk , hoping it will make the old array to 1 disk i have no issues paying to fix it tho if fails ill set it up to my pc (for speed) and try dmde whats destriped image ?
  10. Well i see that alot of issues with raw data but mine has a twist i have 2 ssd 120gb in raid to make 1 240gb ssd hd no i not sure what to do to restore of fix the issue even recovering data dont seem easy im using g parted live witch finds the 2 ssd and the mapped raid ssd but cant recover it or repair 2 error , 1 partition outside of disk and 1 other , 1 ssd is unallocated 1 is ok wid a warning but i duno how it used to be i have testdisk but duno how to use it on a ssd/raid testdisk shows 2 ssd and 2 mapped all these fault was cause but chkdsk on pc restart when it crashed
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