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  1. Infact I have tried enabling the 750gb first and leaving the RAID hdd's disabled and then tried shutting down and restarting the laptop for several times and it worked perfectly without any issues then after I enabled the RAID0 hdd's with the 750gb enabled the problem came back, I also tried enabling only the RAID hdd's without enabling the 750gb hdd but the problem was still their, which means that this problem is caused by the RAID0 configuration. What worries me right now is that as windows is not properly shutting down the RAID drives this eventually could harm the drive and cause some errors in the future. So is there any windows program which will help assuring that the all drives are closed properly before shutting down windows or is there a bios option which can be changed for solving this problem?
  2. - I just figured it out right now, I went to the bios and disabled all the hdd drives that I have which are: 1- 2 x 2tb in RAID0 2- 1 x 750gb sshd - And after that I was just left with my msata ssd which had windows 8.1 installed in it and then I did about 10 shutdows and startups and yes the problem is gone and it's starting up and shuting down even faster than before. - Right now I can assure that this problem is caused by the other HDD's which are installed in the laptop. - Also I think that according to the error I mentioned before which says (The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly) it means that when the system shuts down it dosen't close and shut down everything properly including programs and HDD and which in the long run could affect HDD. So any suggestions on how I can overcome this problem with offcourse enabling back my HDD.
  3. I have tried doing that. I just removed all the usb devices from the laptop and the problem still existed. So overall I thinkk that this problem is either: 1- Bios related 2- Windows 8.1 related (But if that's the case why some people who have windows 8.1 don't have this problem existing) 3- And finally may be it's happening due to the RAID configuration I had on my 2 HDD that I have them as storage And that's because I tried everything else and nothing worked, like testing the RAMS, formating and reinstalling the windows and trying it without installing any programs, removing all the usb devices, checking the disk for errors and after all that the problem wasn't solved. So I know that the difference in booting time just differs by only 1 or 2 minutes but that's not actually the case for me I just wanted to know what's causing it in the first place as I been trying to solve it for a while now but with no luck. Anyway if anyone have some knowledge in bios and thinks that it may be causing this problem due to a bios option or so just give us a feedback on what options in bios may be causing this problem and how can it be fixed, Also is there any further tests or programs which i can use to do some analysis and which can show me exaclty the roots of the problem and what exacly is causing it.
  4. Yes I'm trying to do that for now until I find a solution for this problem because I would really like to know what is causing this problem in the first place. I have also read that this problem may occur because of a setting in the bios or something like a usb device or program which could be preventing the windows to shutdown effectively in the first place which off course will affect the saving process of windows to the hiberfil.sys file and which in return will affect the fast startup of windows by using this hiberfil.sys file. So if anyone has any ideas about a bios option that could be causing this problem or a program or even a usb device that would be appreciated. By the way I have only two usb ports plugged in my laptop which is Logitech mouse and Logitech headphone so could any one of these causing the problem.
  5. I did disk check through cmd as well as with some other programs and the results was fine there wasn't any problem. And I have an msata SSD (Samsung evo 840) and yes I tried normal hibernation and it's working fine without any issues In addition I have 2x 2tb hdd in RAID0 i use them for storage so could it be that the RAID0 is causing this problem.
  6. I actually checked the event log file after each start up and I figured out that when the windows starts fast there will not be any errors regarding the problem, but when the windows boots slowly I can see that there is some errors regarding windows shutdown and start up and which is as follows 1- Windows failed fast start up with error status 0xC00000D4. 2- The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. 3- The previous system shutdown at 10:21:57 PM on ‎9/‎17/‎2014 was unexpected. And for the second and third errors I'm sure that when I powered off the PC it powered off correctly and without any errors So what exactly could be causing these errors and how can I solve it, any ideas.
  7. Can you please tell me what's the difference between this new hybrid shutdown option and the hibernation option and which one boots faster. As to my knowledge I know that the hibernation option takes some time to boot windows in compared to other options like sleep, hybrid sleep and rapid start technology. And also does hibernation consume any power Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply but anyways because I spent a lot of time just trying to figure out what's causing this problem so I would just like at least to know why is this problem occurring in the first place. I even formatted my PC and installed a fresh windows 8.1 without any programs or updates to make sure that it's not a software issue but even though the problem still existed by which hybrid shutdown works sometimes and the computer boots very fast and sometimes it just open up normally even though I'm shutting it down by the new (hybrid shutdown). So what I expect is that it may be an option in the bios which could be causing this problem or it could be something else.
  9. I recently installed windows 8.1 and there is a problem with the windows Fast Start up (hybrid boot) feature as sometimes it works and windows starts very fast and sometimes it doesn't starts fast but just take sometime to start as if I started from a cold boot. I tried everything from inside the windows to solve this problem but nothing worked I read in some threads that this fast boot technology works by saving the system into a hibernation file in the system drive when you shutdown the PC and at boot Hybrid boot well just use this hibernation file to start up faster by loading some system related files from it. So I thinks that sometimes it loads the information from the hibernation file to load the system fast and sometimes it doesn't load anything from the hibernation file and load as if it was starting on a cold boot. So I would like to hear some thoughts on what could be causing this problem as I have tried a lot of solutions but nothing seems to be working. And also I would like to know what's causing this problem is it windows or bios related issue. Thanks
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