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  1. @ilko_t man can not know everything? otherwise everyone would be a genie... that i have not found in the FAQ's "Second part/continue NT6 Setup (Boot first internal disk)" thx bingo123
  2. hello friends, i want thanks to all experts, I've read in 2 days all FAQ's and tested many options NOW works fine my USB Stick with 3 OS I would now like to know what is the? "Second part/continue NT6 Setup (Boot first internal disk)" Is this of an option for start the Hard drive, or what is it exactly? thx again to all bingo123
  3. thank ilko_t i have read but still problems with three OS on USB drive! with WinSetupFromUSB i can only install two OS windows xp and windows7 but i want also windows 8.1 there is a solution? thx bingo123
  4. hello, i have downloaded and use this here WinSetupFromUSB 1.4 - 27.March.2014 from this page http://www.winsetupfromusb.com/ What exactly do i must now? I have my three .iso files on my HardDrive thx bingo123
  5. hello, sorry for dozens of posts, but i think that was not my fault I tried my ask a question to the forum, but for some reason i had permanently a MySql error message because I could not ask my post I have often tried sorry again... @ilko_t i would like to add to my USB stick 3 operating systems 1. windows xp 2. windows7 ultimate 3. windows 8.1 is that possible? i have tested WinSetupFromUSB, RMPrepUSB, YUMI, XBOOT, and other but all with the tools i can only 2 OS on a USB stick can you help me please thx for all bingo123
  6. hello people, i'm new here and i have a question for experts maybe their can help me with my problem. I would like to have 3 Operating Systems on a USB stick for Installations 1. Windows Xp 2. Windows 7 3. Windows 8.1 is that possible? With WinsetupFromUSB and RMPrepUSB i can only install 2 Operating Systems but i need 3 I would be very happy if you give me some info I thank you and waiting for your message thx bingo123
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