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  1. Dear Caretaker, I have the latest firmware for my router, but it doesn't fix the problem. Also the netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled doesn't solve it. Any other ideas ??
  2. The problem started right after I bought a Vista laptop and a router. Wired there's no problem !
  3. Dear all, I have a laptop connected via a wireless Sitecom WL-173 router. The connection is protected via WPA2/TKIP and works good. Only MSN Messenger and Skype often go offline, and the automaticly reconnects, while surfing via Internet Explorer is no problem. The wireless connection does not drop only MSN and Skype have problems. More people with this problem ??
  4. Dear all, For my unattended DVD I installed Trixie, but noticed that the WGA workaround script only works when you reload the script in Trixie. Can this be done via a commandline or regkey ? Greetz Paul
  5. Yooh Theebeets, that's no option for me, I wanted to run the cmd file (I read your post before). Via the cmd file I can do more ;-) Thenx again !
  6. My WPI starts up again, thenx for your help mate !
  7. Okay thenx, I make my Iso now, and gonna test it. You will hear from me !
  8. F*ck this, I changed the path to %cdrom%\I386\wpi\wpi.cmd and still the same problem. Never had problems before...what is going on. I better get back to an older version...too bad I liked the new features so if somebody can help me. It seems to go wrong in my sif file at [GuiRunOnce]. After the reboot it can't find the file %cdrom%\I386\wpi\wpi.cmd. Strange also...why does it say %cdrom% instead of a driveletter ?? If I run the cmd manually there's no problem
  9. Right ! As soon as I open the disc I see the wpi folder, but after install of XP it cannot start WPI. %cdrom%\wpi\wpi.cmd not found is the error.
  10. No luck guys, This is in my WINNT.SIF : [GuiRunOnce] %cdrom%\wpi\wpi.cmd %cdrom%\wpi\cleanup.cmd After installing I get a message that %cdrom%\wpi\wpi.cmd could not be found...the path is alright so what is wrong ??
  11. Thougt I have tried that, but will try it again now. I had it working a few month ago with an older version of wpi, but now it's not working with the new version. Think I lost it. Too bad it take so long to install XP with Virtual PC too test it.
  12. Hey guys, please help me with this. I upgraded WPI to the latest version. Now, if I want my Appz to install I have to put them into the $OEM$\$1\install\wpi dir. When I do this all my Appz are being copied to the HDD before installating. I don't want that, I want to install them from the CD. How do I configure wpi.cmd and winnt.sif to do that. I tried : [GuiRunOnce] %cdrom%\install\wpi\wpi.cmd in the winnt.sif and set wpipath=%cdrom% in the wpi.cmd but it doesn't work. So please explain how to install XP and then run WPI to install Apzz from the CD ! Thenx !
  13. Has anyone tried it already ?? I cannot make up how to do that ! Greetz Paul
  14. When choosing for category NONE, and saves...all your programs to install are gone ;-( (in config.js).
  15. Can anyone tell me how to disable the tooltips ?? The buttons are very clear so I don't need them ! Thenx in advance ! Paul
  16. I mean the folder layout in the old Windows style, without the items which are showing on the left in the XP layout. Items like Details & tasks showing at the leftside of the folder. I want this to be removed, like the function in Xp to remove it.
  17. Dear users, I am very pleased that I found this forum. I am working on an unattend XP-DVD, with some extra software and tweaks. Till now it works great, except 2 things. I still haven't found a tweak to start Xp with the classic folder layout. Can anyone it them here ?? Second problem is that a theme called KDEL.theme will not start automatic. I have a patched uxtheme.dll (because when I manualy choose the theme it is working), but when I want to start it this way : [shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%systemdrive%\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\kdel.theme" DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes DefaultThemesOff = Yes it won't start. Is there another way to change the default desktop like doing it with a reg ?? Thenx guys !! Paul

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