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  1. hi everybody! i'm having problems to get this driver to work with the "MadCatz COD Black OPS" controller, the HW id is slightly different from the models listed in the unofficial driver's INF files, this device id is: VID_1BAD&PID_F025 inside the x360c INF files, the only "1BAD" vendor IDs are arcade sticks and there is no "F025" device listed.. in fact if i use "specify a location" when installing drivers, it will ignore x360c drivers. If i force them from "display a list of all the drivers[etc]. > have disk", win98 warns me that those drivers are not designed for such device but if i install them anyway, then i can get the controller to work partially: left stick works, all the digital buttons works, but triggers are wrongly detected as buttons and the right analog has the vertical axis not functional. so i made various (blind) experiments to edit INF files adding my VID_1BAD&PID_F025 to the list, or replacing existing IDs (like "madcatz x360 gamepad" etc) hopefully to unglitch the device guessing that it was using arcade stick drivers by mistake (i have no knowledge about how actually drivers works though..) doing so i just made things worse lol the system will accept the drivers with no warnings but now i got a different "properties" window from Gaming Options in Control Panel, the controller doesn't respond at all this time. works fine on XP and higher with standard microsoft drivers. i ran out of (stupid) ideas :\
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