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  1. Any RIS alternative? OK, so i'm giving up installing Windows using RIS server. What alternative do I have? I still want to be able to make some settings to the instalation process like host name, admin password, etc. Now i'm using sysprep and then made an image using ghost, uploaded the image onto a server and from there, using a network boot disk for dos i'm putting the image through the network on computers.
  2. Hy! I have a problem with a Windows XP SP2 Pro instalation. After a few days of hard and anoying headakes i've managed to upload a WinXP custom instalation (meaning that i have installed a few progs and drivers in windows) on to a RIS server (a W2K SP4 machine). I've then tried to install the image on a second computer (identical configuration with the one i've made the original instalation). The system boots up from lan, copies the files from the RIS server and then is reset itself. After reboot it shows a screen with the text "Please wait..." I'm guessing that it should load a wizzard to configure a few things like serial number, admin passwd and stuff like that. But instead after a while the computer reset itself again and after booting up it reshows the same text "Please wait..." and it reset itself again, in a continuous loop. I don't know what to do now cause there is no error message nothing. If anyone has any suggestions i'm open to put then in practice THX