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  1. Ah, that would explain a lot. I had both of those problems at various points of this process. My two working solutions were to either install everything from vanilla SP4 (time-consuming, but fun) or use an HFSLIP image that only required building the iso (the "FullPack" on your website or BWC's ISO creation image) and UURollup+BWC's kernel extensions (much, much faster). Also, I did get the 8.9 version of the driver working by following BWC's instructions about slipstreaming the driver and by adding the relevant device entry to my storage.ini file.
  2. The 7.6 driver worked on a Penryn processor with a vanilla Professional disk and is running quite nicely. I cannot physically access the Haswell machine for several months yet, but I will take that time to learn more about HFSLIP and hopefully get Windows 2000 working. Here is the link to BWC's blog post about the 7.6 driver: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/813816.html
  3. I obtain the message "iaStor.sys is corrupted" in that case. I tried multiple floppies and older versions of the driver with no change. After looking around a bit more, I think my problem is that I wasn't inserting the driver files in the HFEXPERT folder, so the drivers and kernel extender were not slipstreamed. However, when I tried to fix this, I had no success. (I tried to use your prior instructions for slipstreaming the Kernel extender in the Haswell thread, but there are no HAL or NT* files in the latest version when I extract it). The storage driver does not seem to get slipstreamed when I insert the .inf and .sys files in the HFEXPERT\STORAGE folder. Edit: The AHCI driver (and presumably the USB one) now appear to be slipstreamed, as I get "iaStor.SYS is corrupted" without using the floppy drive. How should I integrate the Kernel Extender into HFSLIP?
  4. I got the hardware ID from Windows 10: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_8C02&SUBSYS_309717AA&REV_04
  5. Thanks for responding so quickly! I have been using a SATA DVD drive throughout all my attempts to install Windows 2000. I tried testing a new ISO with the 9.8f driver. I also removed the hard disk. However, I still get the same STOP error with AHCI and no USB without it. Should I recheck the non-necessary hotfixes I'm slipstreaming into the ISO? Could they be messing something up?
  6. Hello, all! I've been attempting to install Windows 2000 on a motherboard with a Q87 (8-series) chipset and a Haswell i7-4770 CPU. After downloading tomasz86's Windows 2000 version of HFSLIP, I inserted the following files into these folders: In HF: UURollup v1.0d, Service Pack 5.1, KB2722913, KB951978 (and any other prerequisite hotfixes I needed to install BWC's kernel extender), plus a bunch of other up-to-date hotfixes from tomasz86's most recent update list. In HFCABS: The relevant .cab files from the IE 6.0 SP1 installer as per tomasz86's instructions, BWC's AHCI version 8.9b driver, the update.cab file from BWC's Kernel Extender v2.8i, the latest USB Chipset drivers from BWC's Windows Legacy Update (ininst_autol11.cab). In REPLACE\WIN\SYSTEM32: acctres.dll, url.dll, and wab32res.dll from the IE 6.0 SP1 installer. Anyways, my problem is that while I've got setup to start (i.e., get to "Welcome to Setup!") in IDE mode, AHCI mode gives a INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE BSoD. And in IDE mode, my USB keyboard does not work. Since there is no PS/2 port on the computer, I'm stuck here. I've tried using other versions of the AHCI driver (8.9d and 8.9f, along with the old 7.6 version), the kernel extender (v2.2), not slipstreaming the USB drivers, not using the other hotfixes... basically everything I could think to change. I also tried disabling every extraneous device I could find in the BIOS, as well as setting USB to Legacy mode. Nothing changed the above errors. I even tried installing Windows 2000 on another computer, installing all the relevant programs/hotfixes, and writing a Visual Basic script to advance the driver wizards so that they would install the USB drivers when I plugged the hard drive back into the Haswell computer. Even though that worked surprisingly well, the drivers broke when I attempted to install the 9.4 Intel chipset driver BWC linked to on his site--the files install, but the drivers fail to load with Code 10 errors on boot. To fix this problem, I dried three or four other drivers from Windows Legacy Update, but they all had the same problem. Compounding these issues, my video card (NVIDIA GT 620) wasn't detected in Device Manager after I swapped machines. Obviously, the best solution would be to install Windows 2000 on the Haswell computer in AHCI mode without any hacky fixes. But I would be fine with IDE mode too. Do you guys have any ideas as to what I should try now? I'm plumb out of ideas.
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