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  1. Maybe check your BIOS? All those settings look right? Change around the legacy USB settings if they are listed.
  2. Do a search on Google for "System Locked Pre-installation". OEMs use this method for locking their pre activated OS to specific hardware. There is a lot involved with this and I don't know if it would even be available (even if it is, it's not cheap) to a non-OEM.
  3. I moved it to my control panel. Figured if I ever use it I can just go the extra step.
  4. I didn't notice anything copy over from the $OEM$\$1 or $OEM$\$$ directories until I added a FactoryMode=Yes in the unattended section. I read through this but I either missed someone saying it (I appologize if someone did) or it was not said. Or I am completely off my rocker (most likely). [unattended] FactoryMode = YES

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