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  1. then-i turn off d2d-i turn off ahci I tried with 2 hardisk of samsung one from 320 to 500 gb. the 2 hd's are completely empty (formatted hdd low level format tool)1)I tried to install windows 2000 with both cd/dvd and usb (with usb multiboot 10 program)I also tried to create the first partition to 100 GB or 127GB hard drive and leave the rest blankstill the same error (0x07 inaccessible boot device) ah I have a questions for submix8c 1)how do i fix the mbr for windows 2000?2)how do you integrate the big hdd fix on windows 2000 sp4 professional or windows 2000 sp4 advanced server?
  2. Hi. There are two version AHCI driver which I migrated for Windows 2000. Normal version AHCI driver 7.6 or Extended Core version 8.9. I have not released 7.0 and 8.0, till 5.6 driver which Intel released can work on Windows 2000. hi and sorry for the delay then unfortunately this pc have the insideh20 bios but I have not yet tried to create a 128 gb first partition (the hd have 4 partition ) I'll try in the evening where are the 5.6 drivers?
  3. hello I have a problem, I can not install windows 2000 (professional and advanced server) on my emachines EM350. (i have a samsung 500gb sata 2.5 drive) because the setup hangs on "windows 2000 is starting" and if I press f5 and I choose standard PC, I get the blue screen "0x00007b inaccesible boot device". so I thought it was a driver problem, and then I downloaded the drivers for my SATA controller "intel ich7r/dh sata achi controller"I downloaded "intel matrix storage" 8.0 "iata70" ,and I integrated the drivers using nlite.but the pc still give me the same error. What can I do to fix this problem? sorry for my bad english!!
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