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  1. @ Albator: The computers DO support booting from USB, if you took the time to read the post properly before deciding to flame a new member maybe more people would actually sign up to the forum rather than use it as source of information (and a great one at that) and make MSFN even greater.

    But still....my question stands.

    Would it be possible to clone a Bootable Floppy disk that calls WINNT & the .SIF file from Autoexec.bat and implement that somehow onto the drive?

  2. I have.....



    Works fine for mine..doesnt ask for anything. :}

  3. Thanks all for the info, but im still not sure this is what im looking for....Ripken204 seemed to be closest to what i want but when i go to install using that method it at first run of the GUI setup it errors as WinXP setup cannot read from the drive....

    Im sure there should be a way to load Mass Storage Device drivers from the $oems$ path.......im probably really wrong...help me obi wan kenobi...your my only hope.. :wacko:

  4. Hey all,

    Wonder if you can help me. Ive created an unattended XP CD and would like to install it on to some computers ive made VIA the USB Hard Drive i have, is there a way to do this......?

    I want the computers (All support boot from USB :D ) to boot from the External Drive as if it was booting from the XP CD.

    I know how to make a bootable XP CD but not a way to make the USB drive....I making any sense? :wacko:

    So...in a nut shell.......plug in USB HD....Boot from USB....Xp starts the install.

    I know that you have to get XP to load Mass Storage Device Drives at some point....but if anyone has seena guide somewhere it would be much appreciated...

    Thx All. :thumbup

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