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  1. I meant, The computer u are trying to install XP on needs to be "samsung" hardware as well MD5 hashes can be found using (freeware) tools like HashTab Sorry, My other computer is not Samsung. Can I install With samsung XP in other computer if this is not Samsung?
  2. @FreeStyler Yes, my rebuild XP Home is the samsung original. Sorry for my ignorance, but how can I get MD5 hash for samsung OEMBIOS.BIN?
  3. Hi bezabel Sorry for my bad english and for my newbie question, but I am confused. I had Samsung notebook with XP HOME. I had copy files created by CollectFiles.rar and the files from activation.rar to the $oem$ folder of the CD. I deleted OEMBIOS.BI_ OEMBIOS.DA_, OEMBIOS.SI_ from the CD and I removed all lines referencing any of the OEMBIOS files (including OEMBIOS.CAT) from txtsetup.sif and dosnet.inf. I had rebuild XP HOME CD. After install this to other pc still give me to activate. What is wrong? The contents of my $OEM$ directory is: 53616D73756E6720456C656374726F6E696373.BIN 53616D73756E6720456C656374726F6E696373.CAT 53616D73756E6720456C656374726F6E696373.DAT 53616D73756E6720456C656374726F6E696373.SIG cmdlines.txt CreateBatFile.vbs RestoreOEMFiles.bat RestoreOEMFiles.tmp smbios2.exe

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