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  1. there is a handy little app called hijackthis, very handy when it comes to removing unwanted software even when spybot and adaware won't beware, MOST of the items it lists are legitimate! I cannot stress this enough. you have been warned. but we ARE looking for anomalies, now aren't we? however, it does show you what is running, and is a critical tool in removing spyware. all of my domain clients have it hidden on the c drive in case my regularly scheduled scans miss something and I have to go in manually. get hjt here: http://www.merijn.org/files/hijackthis.zip (56k friendly) it would be wise to read this tutorial: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/htlogtutorial.html for researching what HJT finds, go here: www.sysinfo.org as well as http://startup.iamnotageek.com/ to cross reference startups. also remember that google is your friend. with hjt use the same common sense that you would using regedit. most of what you will see is legit....you are looking for anomalies. nuff said. also, hjt has an option to save your log file.
  2. actually, I am quite sure that I DID do something wrong! I am sure that I did the slipstream of sp2 properly...I have done that countless times. I am fairly sure that my tweaking with nLite is the issue, even though I was very conservative. I guess I will just try again. No better time than the present.
  3. never heard of total commander this is with an integrated sp2 install with nLite tweaks
  4. I just found out a bit more info that may help: I can run these files perfectly if I browse to them from within wmplayer tyia g
  5. One of my directories contains videos of various formats, mostly divx with the .avi extension, though there are assorted other types. when I browse to this dir, approx. 3 seconds later I recieve the following error: If I am fast enough and pull off a double click before it explodes, the files will run. I think this is a memory error; however, this error only occurs with this directory. All other files on this drive execute properly. All files within this directory are video files of one sort or another. Additionally, I have two computers with the same installation, and this error occurs on both systems, both over the network and locally. Any suggestions (for a beginner, mind you) on where to look? Anyone seen these symptoms and error before? TYIA geekzster

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