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  1. Oh dear. I got the pinnacle pctv usb2.0 card and guess what? no go!! I wonder if there such a thing as a usb2 device that runs under 98se or ME?
  2. Hey again. I've heard about another usb card, this time it's a pinnacle usb2 pctv card. Does this work with windows 98se? do any of the pinnacle usb tv capture devices work with 98se? has anyone tried them? thanks
  3. I just heard from someone that excel's external and internal hardware are not worth thinking about, even if my system did use xp and I met all the other system requirements, both hardware and software are substandard and unreliable, the pricetag was only 99$. I tried the suggestion of running the 98 service pack update and then installing the usb drivers, but no go. It was then that I was in a chat room and came across someone who have had experience working with excel products..... Hopefully by next week I will have taken it back to the shop and got my refund. Thanks just the same though, you've been a great help.
  4. One person cannot speak for all of us here, but I can speak for the rest of us, you ARE welcome here. You asked me how I got to that driver download page? Probably same as you did, searching at Google. And same as you, I've clicked on the manufacturer link found at an Australian site that was selling the Excel TV card. But never mind that, it didn't help you anyway. What may help: if you wish to send me the driver [that doesn't work on 98SE] you have on that vendor provided CD [zipped through email], I can take look at the executable, and eventually extract the files, and if we're lucky, maybe make them work with 98SE, by modifying the INF file. My email is found at this page: http://www.mdgx.com/form.htm Just click on the blue E-mail link, and then attach your ZIP file. If you decide to do this, and if we are successful, then you will need to install: 1. Gape's Service Pack 2.0: http://exuberant.ms11.net/98sesp.html 2. and then Maximus-Decim's Native USB Drivers: http://www.msfn.org/board/?showtopic=43605 in this order. These 2 updates will enable 98SE to [hopefully] accept your USB card driver. Hope this helps. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thank you thank you, thank you thank you.. I'll try following those instructions you gave me about installing those service packs and then if it still doesn't work, I'll drop you an email with the file attachment.
  5. Thanks for sticking up for me. I came here because there is an update for windows 98se, so rhelics snobbish remarks are less than helpful also, on the cd that came with my hardware, if the drivers say they work with 98, then they should work with 98, no if buts or maybes. somehow I dont feel so welcome in this forum any more.
  6. No. thats no help either, I rang up protac australia who distributes the hardware here and I found out my device was an excel tv model 401u which is totally different to what you just describe, the guy said he'd try and get me the drivers, and asked me to google them, I told him I tried and didn't find anything, so he went to their website excel.com.tw then he went to the downloads section and he got a message that the downloads were under construction or something. and then he went to protac's website and couldn't find any drivers at all for anything. He said he'd get someone to email him from sydney about the drivers and then forward the email on to me, but that was early this afternoon and I've heard nothing since!! typical!! How did you get in to the downloads section?
  7. I have a excel tv usb 2.0 usb device. Where can I find the drivers? I've tried on google but I dont seem to be getting anywhere
  8. I have a excel tv usb 2.0 usb device. Where can I find the drivers? I've tried on google but I dont seem to be getting anywhere
  9. 1, 2 there's problems for you 3, 4 it's called murphy's law 5, 6 there's no quick fix 7, 8 it's bill gates you should hate 9, 10 so you're stuck then! Thats how it's been for the last 48 hours I got a tv capture card for my birthday, only to find the usb device runs under xp. adding to the difficulty's, the manuals are written in poor english, and the readme file in the root folder on the cd mentions windows 98x drivers but if you read further, you can see that it only relates to the nvidia drivers! aaaarrrrrg!! I am totally blind and use some special adaptive software to hear what is on the screen, and I keep hearing bad things about xp, so I am scared to upgrade to it just now, so an internal tv capture card is well and truely out of the question. oh yes, I suppose you're wondering what the hell a blind guy would want with a tv capture card? Well, think about it. we dont have silent films or silent news reports, do we? and if I record something I have many sighted net friends who I can upload the clip to who can tell me what is happening, IE with documentaries and such. Soooooo. Does anyone know of an external usb or firewire card that will run under 98se or am I really that much out of luck? surely there's gotta be something available for it. They just can't leave us in the lurch like this.
  10. Hi there. I upgraded from 512mb to 768 mb of memory, I made the changes in the system.ini under the vcache section, by adding the maxfilecache=520288 or whatever it is, but I am experiencing slowdowns and problems with downloading from newsgroups using newsbin cuz the system keeps swapping out to the swap file and the downloads are getting corrupted. I dont know what else to do. What are the propper settings to use in system.ini? currently I've taken out the stuff under the vcache section and am now having to sit back and put up with the fact that soon I'll be running out of memory to start an ms-dos prompt. It's either that or add the maxfilecache setting back in which will return me to my problems with disk access and swap file issues. Can anyone help?
  11. Hi there. I am blind, and when I needed to sign up for membership so that I could post to this forum, I wasn't able to do it because my text to speech screenreader cannot read pictures, Luckily I was able to get sighted assistance, but this is not always possible. Why do you have to use this silly picture system to sign up anyhow?

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