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  1. Dear jaclaz, Hum, seems to me you've been offended by my post. I'm sorry about that but it was made while still finding ways to retrieve the data from the HD that had suffered this bug. I know that this site is devoted to the 7200.11 only but the medecine also applies to his kin brother 7200.12. I used it and had success with it and I clearly mentionned it in my post. I have now read the read-me-first and smoke has cleared now. My question still remains: what do you do next after the emergency operation? What about if the firmware update is made and the drive is reformated? I don't think Seagate produced this drive to be defective and as they must have sold thousands if not millions of it, some must have worked perfectly, more so when you think that the same kind of bug affected the 7200.12 after getting to the 7200.11. I'd like to understand what exactly has been done to the drive with the Gradius method, why should it work afterward? Then what about "Life after surgery" for these unfortunate drives? I don't intend to reuse it as my main drive, only for back-up purposes, but what would be the percentage of it going wrong again? Thanks
  2. Did the BSY method but I adapted it for my 7200.12 (inverted the m0 and the N1 commands) and it worked fine after a couple of tries. But after, what should I do? I made a copies of the main files on the drive but can the drive still be used afterward? I'll also do the firmware update as offered on Seagate site for my drive but will it be stable after that for everyday use or should I consider using it as a dead weight for my CD collection? Thanks for any help
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