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  1. Permit me to approach the issue from a different angle, as I had a similar process issue: One unattended image build for all hardware used to create all deployable "super-set" application or hardware (HAL, Tablet, etc) images. I provide all the drivers via OEMPnPDriversPath in the winnt.sif. All drivers exist in c:\drivers, then during the deployment, be it sysprep or continued unattended, a script queries WMI for hardware information and runs specific application installs based on that output. For example, WMI replies laptop = VPN install, WMI replies with model information = wireless application for that hardware is installed, etc. PnP will only take the drivers that it needs, so like Cygnus said that is a non-issue. Hardware specific app installs can either be on the image or called from the network. This way it is completely unattended through deployment. The deployment script uses hierarchy structure; platform, manufacturer, model to facilitate the logic. It can be as general or as specific as required. This method has proven to be very extensible in production and adapts quite readily to change.
  2. Thanks, Xper!!! whew, what a relief... Lot's of excellent information there! to you and all the contributors. MSFN and the generosity of its members with knowledge makes my professional life much easier and dramatically more efficient. thanks again, and much appreciation to you!
  3. Is Gosh's home page removed permanently? http://gosh.msfnhosting.com

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