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  1. I think it could be the connector in lappy, but how I'm gonna check it out. Its not battery cause I have tried with and without battery. Charger gives me 18V, hope that's OK... Thanks for answering. -Retroer
  2. Now when I have gotten it, it seems that it is LTE 5000 which means that it has only pentium 75mHz And when I turned it off it didn't start anymore. No lights were flashing, no sound and nothing on the screen. I checked charger and it worked. So does that mean, that powerboard is damaged? I have nothing else what I could try so any info is appreciated. PS. If I have to buy new powerboard links is great.... Best regards Retroer
  3. Yeah i have seen that video. I dont know how he could get that work. Thanks for answering. -Retroer-
  4. Nice video, but does youtube work with my laptop. It has only 90 mHz Pentium...
  5. So can I update osr1 to osr2?? And I think those browsers could do almost everything, cause they have html 5. -Retroer-
  6. Thanks for answering. I guess that you ment that i could upgrade to windows 98. I have been in that site for a long time. And downloaded every update ... -Retroer-
  7. Hi all, I have just bought my "new" laptop Compaq LTE 5100.It has windows 95 UK edition. Anything I should do when I get it.Like updates or something... Anything is appreciated -Retroer

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