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  1. what do you mean by restart exactly?

    does it BSOD and restart?

    if so don't have it restart on BSOD.

    also, do take it out of the cupboard, it has no right to be in there.

    open up the side panel and even blow a house fan at it for a day to see if problems repeat.

  2. I have to agree with you there. I don't like this one bit. I understand the frustration some people have when trying to get someone off an old OS and onto a new one, but this doesn't feel like MSFN anymore.

    agree. I hate the new look. This theme is totally unclear und confusing. :no::realmad:

    same here

  3. i currently have an R61 with a T8300 and 4GB ram and am also considering getting a new T510 with i5.

    i have never used a laptop faster than mine even considering that it is now over 2 years old..

    the reason for my upgrade would be the use of lightroom, the T8300 just can't handle it whatsoever.

    i would say to go with an i5/i7 and install much ram as possible.

  4. So the fans don't connect to the motherboard at all in any way? Usually the sensors are in the motherboard, not the power supply, so if they're not attached that could be (or perhaps only some of the fan mounts are sensored, etc).

    that is exactly the issue.

    the only fan showing to be spinning is the cpu fan which i am assuming he has attached the cpu fan wire to the motherboard.

    if all other fans are attached to the psu then there is no way that you can pick up info on them.

    caber, if you want to be able to adjust them with software then hook them up to the motherboard, assuming the fans allow you to do so.

  5. Well I love the snow. I even like driving in it! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else really. The summers are nice and the winters have snow. What more could you want?

    haha, nothing like a Buffalo winter.

    I live in Rochester so I know what it feels like, I love it too :)

  6. That's really sad, but I can believe it. Schooling has dropped quite a bit here in the States. I had gone to a Catholic school (if you can believe that haha) so as of 3rd grade, you had to use cursive for all assignments and tests. I remember failing a test once or twice because I didn't use cursive! Even when I did use cursive, which I always did afterwards just for essays, it would start out readable, but a few pages in even I couldn't read it. It was about that time I switched to regular printing.

    ya i went to a catholic school for high school, luckily by then teachers have given up on cursive since they know kids can't to it well, it just makes the teacher's job harder. so they would have to find other ways to fail us.

  7. i just remembered something funny and sad, haha.

    so when i was taking the SAT a few years ago, they told us we had to write something in cursive and sign it, basically one of those i won't cheat things.

    multiple students in the room said they don't know cursive..

    one of the ladies in charge said just write normally and connect your letters.

  8. I totally disagree. Word adds way more bloat than Frontpage does.

    don't make me shiver. as a web developer, i absolutely hate when someone gives me a word doc and wants me to convert to html.

    dreamweaver does an ok job at cleaning it up but it just never comes anywhere close to correct.

  9. well my only guess is kind of obvious, while gaming you are reading from the hdd for the game, so when someone wants to read a disk image, the max transfer speed will be lower because your hdd needs to read the game and the disk image at the same time instead of just the disk image.

    the only solution i can see is having a separate hdd for storage of this data that someone else can transfer from while you game on the raid array.

    now while gaming your cpu may also be running very high, this can also cause slow file transfer speeds.

  10. why hamachi?

    there are different ways to setup networks.

    me, personally, i have a file server running ubuntu.

    i set up remote access to the server and i can stream my music from a web interface (jinzora 3)

    for videos, i really do not like streaming video as it can get choppy and there are so many formats to mess around with, so i just use winscp to transfer the movie file over to watch.

    if you only are going to be using an xbox tho, then xbmc should work just fine..

    just open up the port on your router and firewall for xbmc then connect to it from an xbox.

    i have actually installed xmbc on ubuntu and my roomate's 360 picks up my media.

    the only thing is that the xbox had one of the worst libraries ever, it just plops all of the music into one folder without organizing it.

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