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  1. I hope you are honest and tell whoever buys it that it has problems? Cheers and Regards Yes I mentioned what the problem is,if someone does buy! All the best!
  2. Yep , but all the "combined" reports (including the failure to perform a "Long" test) lead to believe that the disk is having issues, I personally would not EVEN THINK of using it as "System" drive, further use is suggested possibly ONLY as a secondary or tertiary backup. jaclaz Yes,certainly the problem to the hard disk. I dont use it anymore,now it's on auction,I hope to get rid of that drive! Thank's again.
  3. Test lasted for 30 min, then failed, the computer suddenly rebooted I do not know why, I had to turn it off, then Windows reported the error blue screen. Right now i'm using this drive,no problems. I will not attempt to do anything with the hard drive! Thank's!
  4. I am not sure to understand. The screenshot on the left is seemingly about the "Short" test (and this was passed, good ). What about the "Long" test (which is BTW evidently more complete/thorough)? jaclaz Right now i'm doing the long test,and later i will post the screenshot! It's strange when i enter the comand in hyperterminal,m0,22,,,,,22 ,and just say some text,formated but no show how much percentage,and successfull,elepsated time 0 and that's it!
  5. Here is the screenshots,that's it,i will no more try to do anything with this hard drive! Again thank you!
  6. jaclaz Today I installed Windows on it, then I installed SeaTools and HD sentinel.Sentinel showed 173 bad sectors.Seatools passed the short test, but not long finished properly, I'll try another long test, because my computer went to stand by. Thank you once again for your reply!
  7. I think the last time I worked the tests, they were ok .. then why would the sentinel showed bad sectors... I'll do it test again during the day,and take screenshot to see...
  8. Thank you for reply... On HP24 firmware was also bad sectors,first problem was that bios dont see the drive,but i was able to install system on it,and then i run HD Sentinel,and see about 2000 bad sector,later i found this solution,but first i updated the firmware to SD1A,i was hoping that bad sectors are gone,but not.Then i try the fix of BSY and LBA0,it was successfully,turn on hard drive,run sentinel,healt was 100%,performance also,then again updated firmware,and later,bad sectors return...When i run surface test it's all ok,no sign of bad sectors,but sentinel show's it... I was hoping that
  9. Hi to all... I "fixed the drive" but now it's showing bad sectors,also i have updated firmware,but again hdd sentinel shows bad sectors,i dont know what to do next...any solution,or it's electronic on hard drive. Hard drive is Seagate Barracuda ST3500620AS 500GB,Firmware was HP24,i updated to SD1A. Sorry for bad English!
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