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  1. I must agree that 7zips Checksummer should at least make the text in its window selectable or better allow a direct transfer to the clipboard - but what i do like is that it works from within 7zips manager, so no need to extract the file - does any other checksummer can open an - to stay at least somewhat in context - an nlited iso, opening the rootsup.ex_ within and doing a checksum on the rootsup.exe there? Edit: Now that I read my post - Nope, that wasn't meant cynical or such, but just a question if such an app is out there.
  2. Ah, Thanks [P.S.: I am still not used to it that the V15.xx 7Zip includes a Checksummer - would have spared me some time to simply compare the CRCs between the files within the iso with the ones in the UpdatePack/AddOn]
  3. Ok, new post for a Result a) replaced rootsupd.exe within 5er_UpdatePack_XPx64SP2_2015-07_1 with the M$ one dated 20140708(Version 40.0.2195.0) and tested within a VM that it worked. b) created two x64 nlited installers - one with Error Reporting on and one without - just inserting above update pack + the latest Delta AddOn. With Error Reporting set nlite was instructed to overwrite the pseudo_newer rootsupd.exe with the one from the Delta AddOn c) Installed Both within a VM and let a Basic WSUSOffline Cd for x64 run to get a log entry for the found certificates version Here are the snippets from both Logfiles: Without Error Reporting: Wed 01/06/2016 22:42:31.42 - Info: Found Trusted Root Certificates' version 40.0.2195.0With Error Reporting...: Wed 01/06/2016 22:42:16.23 - Info: Found Trusted Root Certificates' version 41.0.2195.0So i think nlite can't handle it on its own in the descriped way and IMHO setting Error Reporting should be recommended (even if it is a lesser PitA to click away the WMP11 Messages. Edit: RunOnce for the Installers itself could be another solution, but it won't be my choice)
  4. Yeah.. hard to say... I thought that I have no time to check without error reporting... but now that I borrowed that time, I just realize that I have to to do it again with a modified update pack... Problem is: rvkroots.exe is 8,0,2195,0 at least since 20150313 (and AFAIK that was the Version some times before also).... rootsupd.exe Version within "5er_UpdatePack_XPx64SP2_2015-07_1" is 41,0,2195,0 which is the latest number "5er_NT5.2_EoS_Delta_Addon_2015-12_1" within the rootsupd.inf opened within the rootsupd.exe within 5eraphs installer matches (though the *.exe(s) itself will show just 5eraphs Version of 1511 and/or 1512 (*1) to nlite and be therefore always under 38.0.xxx.xx or whatsoever...) and just the .sst files (within rvkroots/rootsupd.exe) have a different SHA* checksum number over all those installers available (and 5eraphs one mathcing the latest .ssts from www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/**.sst) - so I am not sure how to verify what is actually installed. I don't consider it a valid test... but I now have changed the version number within the .inf for the rootsupd and rkvroots included in the delta addon with 2198 instead of 2195 (default) and shall see what happens.... (as said, I don't see it as a valid test, as I changed within 7zip entries for files within the addons)... *1: [Correcting myself: for rootsupd.exe its Version: 6.0.6000.16386 vs. and for rvkroots 6.0.6000.16386 vs... the same as before... so it is not the version number from within the inf nlite verifies, but the one from the self-extracting cabinet files .exe (IExpress vs. 7zip)] ... but still.. stay tuned for the results: And Void/NUL/NIL/etc. the modified pack with a source: WMP11+KBs slipstreamed, just 5eraph Update Pack, IE8 Pak+Delta AddOn (Modified), be it with Error Reporting or not... leave no traces within: HKL\Software\Microsoft\Active_Setup\Installed_Components... Grmpf...
  5. 1st: Thanks for your work! 2nd: the (usual) question> (I have error reporting enabled in nlite) When "slipstreaming" WMP11 first - nlite queries if wmp10 files from 5eraphs Update Pack should overwrite the newer wmp11 files already present (No Problem, as 5eraph recommends on his thread at RyanVMs to slipstream WMP11 after his packs as it contains wmp10 files, I was expecting that) - but it also queries for the rvkroots and rootsupd executables present in 5eraphs Delta AddOn. As the executables in his pack are 7zip installers with 5eraphs own version number and not the version numbering from Microsofts win32SFX cabinet Installers they are being considered as older files by nlite. I haven't tried without the error reporting set - but I would assume that at least the root certificate stuff will be skipped, or am I wrong here and nlite will do fine on its own in both cases?

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