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  1. Thx. But i got error with ur way may be i m doing some mistake.

    First u said unpack the contents of the iso and i unpaked it in my AIO-DVD folder

    so it look like

    AIO-DVD\BPE1\(Files with setupldr.bin)


    In cdshell my command

    if $lastKey == key[1]; then bcdw /BPE1/setupldr.bin

    i recived message invalid bcdw command although i copied BCDW.CSM in modules folder

    will u pls help me out

    pls reply with little more hints.

  2. Thx a lot for ur reply. Windows Vista or acronis does work with this methord but when i tried to load

    Window pe(build with bart pe) or Erd commander - Iso i got blue screen error when booting but at the same time when i boot it using chain command(flyakite guide) in cdshell it does work perfectly Why?

    Is there any limitation of loading all sort of iso using this process?

    Any solution Pls..

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