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  1. Dear Fernando 1: Thanks for the clarification. I do not know which steps I need to perform to accomplish that which you have written. Installation of XP Pro has completed. My motherboard has only 1 PS2 port. During XP installation I had a keyboard connected via PS2. After setup completed, I shutdown the computer; switched from keyboard to mouse, installed the chipset drivers. To add the chipset's USB drivers, which drivers would I select? Thanks for your help.
  2. Fernando 1: Thanks for the advice. Using nlite, I selected "single driver" Do you mean that I should have selected "5. Now click the Insert button at the bottom and select “Multiple driver folder”, www.raymond.cc/blog/how-to-integrate-floppy-sata-raid-driver-into-windows-xp-cd/#ixzz2vhFSPWut I was offered the 32 bit & 64 bit versions of achi. I selected textmode. Setup has begun. "Setup is formatting " at 70%. Hopefully I will be lucky. If not, I will select "multiple driver folder"; then D:\Gigabyte*_07_Mar_2014\hseries-xp\x86 Is that correct?
  3. PROGRESS! nlite installed on XP Pro SP3, 32 bit, onto HDD on which nlite had not been installed Ran nlite, selecting SP3 & only D:\Gigabyte*_07_Mar_2014\hseries-xp\x86 Created ISO Burned ISO using Nero 6 Setup has begun. Thanks for the advice. I will provide updates.
  4. Thanks to all / each of you! Dear Ponch: Do you mean for me to look in the folder which contains txtsetup.oem and use nlite to add ahcix86.* to the slipstream project? "One of them is named txtsetup.oem. I read the inf file and the txtsetup.oem should be in the same, folder, so copy that file along with the one named "ahcix86" in the x86 folder that is already created by the exe file." If you mean something else, please clarify / help me understand. Dear jclaz: Which is the F6 floppy driver? The one I have highlighted? Dear cdob: I think that you have answered my question to jaclaz. Dear Fernando 1: 1. EXCELLENT! 2. I have made many mistakes during this project. 3. Thanks for the link to the .7z file. It may solve my issue. 4. Yes, I have leaned that XP is sensitive. My plan is, on an XP SP3 drive WITHOUT nlite installed: install nlite add SP3 add / select only D:\Gigabyte*_07_Mar_2014\hseries-xp\x86 create in .ISO Burn it using Nero 6 If that fails, I will download & install imgburn & burn the .ISO using imgburn. I've attached some screenshots, which I hope will help. I am visually oriented.
  5. Dear Ponch: As I have previously noted, I thanked and continue to thank you for your time. I am grateful for the advice I have received at MSFN.org. "I'd say you have to point to the TXTSETUP.OEM file that is created by the exe file (0,37MB) from the page you linked." I have NO IDEA as to how that could be accomplished. I have other optons / "Plan C" . Thanks again, Ponch. Thanks, jaclaz.
  6. Dear jaclaz: "Finally, at least when installing from USB, it is possible to use a "virtual floppy" to use a F6 floppy image (without needing to integrate it)." Thanks. I've read about this method, but I have no practical experience. That may need to change. Thanks, again, for your time.
  7. Dear jaclaz: Thanks for the suggestions. "Which hardware do you have? (i.e. is it the one that has "FM2 Trinity APU" or not)?" I have an AMD A10 5800+ CPU, which is of the Trinity class. If you would like me to post any of links I have to product information about my CPU, RAM, HDD, or any other piece of hardware, I will be glad to do so, I had posted a summary of my computer's specifications, in my initial post of this thread. I tried to slipstream the drivers for the SATA. I think that the AHCI file is also needed. I'll post some screen shots. Firstly, I tried using the files on the DVD which accompanied the motherboard. I had copied the contents of the DVD to my [ D:\ drive ] a 2ndary [ slaved in, in IDE parlance ], Not knowing which drivers to select, I directed nlite to install all drivers. After each subsequent boot failure [ various files not found ], I tried to narrow the focus of the files I need. I downloaded the chipset & SATA RAID / ACHA & extracted them to the D:\ drive I will try image burn. Thanks for the advice. I will download the files from a different Gygabyte server. Thanks for your time.
  8. Dear Poncho: This is my first use of nlite. In the past, I had used a manual method for slipstreaming the the OS & the SP. I noted the textmode in the .pdf because, before starting this thread, I read some of the other threads in this forum. in one, an OP was chastized for not doing some research. The OP was criticized because the forum members who had responded thought the OP wanted the forum member to do the work for the OP. Yes, I am aware that the achix64.sys driver is 64 bit, & that I don't need it because I am installing, or trying to install XP Pro 32 bit. I simply want to know how to add the correct drivers. This requires that I KNOW which are the correct drivers. I have contacted Gigabyte, but they told me to switch to IDE mode. I listed the Gigabyte support page in hopes that someone at this forum who is smarter than I am smart could help me. I understand that most of you are unpaid volunteers. I am a member [ using forum names other than jumpcan ] of multiple other forums. I have assisted hundreds of OPs. I hope a member of MSFN.org can help me with this problem. If not, I'll develop "Plan C".
  9. From that I concluded that the Vista system was maybe not erased yet. Under that Vista OS, you could use something like HWinfo (there is a portable version, means you don't have to install anything) to find out what SATA controller you really have on that board. For F6 drivers, you need to use the option "as text driver" or something like that on that screen. I'm not sure if we can see that in the ini file.
  10. I uninstalled nlite. I deleted C:\program files\nlite I installed the most recent version of nlite. This time, I selected all drivers from the files I downloaded. I selected textmode for each item. I verified that amd_sata.sy_ was in the i386 folder The file ahcix64.sys is corrupted. I hope that someone can help me. edit: After creating the .iso & burning it to CD, during the attempt to install XP, the following msg appeared: The file ahcix64.sys is corrupted. end edit
  11. Using the drivers I downloaded from Gigabyte, I am missing amd_sata.sys . It is not in the i386 folder. Can I simply copy it from the download to the i386 folder? jumpcan
  12. Patrons: I will try the latest nlite version. I will install it onto an XP Pro 32 bit SP3 on which nlite has not been previously installed. "your folder contains multiple Last_session files, which seems to indicate that you did run nLite more times on that set of files." Yes, as noted. My XP Pro SP2 32 bit disk IS a genuine Microsoft CD. I have downloaded the latest chipset & AHCI drivers from http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4709#dl "integrate only the drivers you need for your hardware, not all drivers you find on the Gygabite CD, only for XP and not drivers for X64 systems. Idem for "F6 drivers" (floppy method drivers)." I have contacted Gigabyte & posted a request on their co.uk forum requesting the identities of the necessary drivers. Gigabyte suggested that I disable SATA mode. ARGH! They failed to provide the requested information. I have no idea as to "you might check that hardware from your running Vista system if still available" jumpcan
  13. I am not sure if the .jpg attached.
  14. My goal is to install Windows XP Pro 32 bit on a new compTuter. Initially, when trying to install XP Pro, during the installation process, BSOD 0x0000007B appeared. I have installed nlite onto 1 of my computers. nlite Nero 6 [ commercial ] XP SP3 I copied the contents of the XP Pro SP2 32 bit CD to a folder on a separate SATA HDD [ D: ]. I copied the contents of the XP SP 32 bit to a different folder on a separate SATA HDD [ D: ]. I copied the contents of the Gigabyte DVD to a different folder on a separate SATA HDD [ D: ]. For this computer, I have XP Pro SP3 installed on separate HDDs. I have a base HDD with no 3rd party software. I cloned from the base HDD to s separate HDD using Acronis True Image. Then I installed Nero 6. I have also cloned from the base HDD to a separate HDD & installed Nero 12 because Nero 6 hung during the .ISO burn process, at 9%. I tried different DVD - R brands. I tried different DVD burners. FINALLY, I was able to burn the .iso. I ran the slipstreamed disk in the new computer. I received the error msg: The file mvs91xx.sys could not be found . I have verified that msv91xx.sys is present [ multiple times ] in the Gigabyte DVD drivers file. Using nlite again, I created a slipstream disk and tried to add folder containing mvs91xx.sys. Same error msg when trying to install XP. I am glad that I found this forum. It would have been wise of me to read your FAQ. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158294-nlite-officialunofficial-faq/ "The most important thing to remember with nLite is that you really should not run nLite multiple times on a single source." *** New computer hardware Gigabyte FA288X UP4 http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4709#ov BIOS F2 AMD FX2 A10 5880K Corsair DDR3 1600MHZ Corsair CX500; 500 W Power Supply WD800; 80 GB SATA HDD Plextor DVD burner / player, SATA Windows XP Pro, SP2 CD XP SP3 download from Microsoft Using the same motherboard, CPU, ram, power supply, Plextor DVD player / burner [ SATA ], and a DIFFERENT HDD [ ALSO a WD800 ], Vista installs with no problems. If you would like additional Last Session.ini files, please let me know which you think would be valuable [ see attached .jpg for those available ]. Thank you for your attention to my request for assistance. LAST SESSION (206003.06-22.17.25).INI

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