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  1. Ooooohhhh! After you've replied I was trying to understand what had gone wrong while downloading the hotfix files and I went to xdot.tk and realized that the link to IE8 was a direct link and I must've canceled so that I later would download to the corresponding language and probably forgot about it afterwards. Thank you very much for taking the time and giving me this heads up, I just hope it works now. This time I'll try it first on a VM instead of on an actual machine! Edit: Because of this I found out my list of hotfixes had only 128 files compared to the 143 at -x-'s website! Looks like I'll have to dig some more files!
  2. Recently I've tried to make a definite Windows XP "SP 4" disc for myself and as it seems I failed miserably and have no idea where, tried looking for the issue and didn't seem to find anyone with the same error. Therefore if someone could please give me some light it'd be greatly appreciated! To make the image I used a PC running XP, not freshly installed. The source I used was an untouched non-ENU XP Pro SP3 image. For the updates I used the list provided by -x- from http://xdot.tk/with the exception that I added Flash Player Plugin. I was or I thougth I was very conservative in what I removed, as you can see in the Last Session.ini I basically removed keyboards, languages and drivers. After processed with nLite I used Driver Packs Base to integrate Chipset, Lan, Mass Storage and Monitors. And finally I used nLite to turn the files into a bootable iso. When I tried to install, after the installation copied all of the files and automatically restarted the machine, a Windows GUI appeared and was extracting some files that I assume were from the DriverPacks, and after extracting them all it gave me the following error "This application failed to start because Normaliz.dll was not found". Help? PS: As I'm quite new to this, I accept any tips on making a good and reliable disc, as there are lots of lists of what to remove with nLite but no sticky about it, which makes me think there's not a widely accepted method? Last Session.ini
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