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  1. Just a quick note here, I have three old programs, which will not run on Windows XP or newer (a EEPROM/KAM flashing program, a CAD program, and a language tool), and I MUST have all three! Thank God, the USP5.2 and UURollups came to the resuce! Running in a virtual machine, it all works perfect! Keep up the work guys - it's worth it!
  2. Hmm service packs are supposed to cover all previous service packs. I.e. if you install SP2 you don't need to install SP1, or SP3 you don't need SP1 or SP2. I have successfully installed SP5 with only having SP3 installed and a few extra patches.
  3. I did some time ago. The problem is, these programs I've tried installing worked just fine on a different Windows 2K installation with the same Application Compatibility Launcher. Edit: Same problem today on another Win2K installation. All the same software versions, same UURollup, UURollup2 v11, USP5.1, etc... Only difference was that the error message was [some weird characters I can't type]ystem cannot find the file 6 Any ideas? I'm stumped.
  4. So I was trying to use my application compatibility launcher tonight and it just isn't working right. Come to think of it, it dawns on me now that it just never has run right on this install. Normally when I drag a EXE or MSI into it, it launches it automatically. It hasn't been doing that. I have to hit the return key. Tonight I noticed a error message: [some weird characters I can't type]ystem cannot find the file R=x Any ideas?
  5. You work wonders blackwingcat!! It works! So now I have to ask, do you think you can get the intel 5100 drivers working? BTW I have a Lenovo Thinkpad x200s
  6. Nope. Installed but won't pickup device... Still no luck getting my Conexant SmartAudioHD working. Can't even see it in the device list. Installer partially installs it, then exits with "FAILURE", and no logs that I can find. Any ideas?
  7. Well windows 2000 picked up my HD audio device, but refuses to install the driver. I looked in the setup configuration file, and there's about 20 different drivers needed to install it successfully, and the setup program always says the install failed, even though it picks up the device now... Weird... We will see if I can crack the EXE and get my other drivers
  8. Maybe, just maybe, you can try this approach here ("downgrading" the .inf): http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/intelr-management-enginge-interface/9273a27f-b8b9-4989-9dfc-1ed6cc2fea37 jaclaz Installed and working! Thanks! Once I installed that Windows recognized my modem and sound card! Now I just need to find their drivers. Guess I do need the MEI driver to use it all the way... Weird. I'll try that intel 5100 driver. Should work!
  9. Okay, I found a Intel 82567LM Driver for Windows 2000. But when I try to install, it says it can't find the device, or no such device present? Found the MEI driver for windows XP, but no Win2K driver. Tried to install it, errors out saying system doesn't meet minimum requirements. Intel WiFi Link 5100 "driver only" package for Windows XP installs without problems, but Win2K won't recognize the hardware still. Intel WiFi Link 5100 "management software and driver" package won't install, has "The MSI "" cannot be found. Setup will now terminate". error. Any ideas?
  10. Here are the devices that have unknown status: Ethernet Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_10F5&SUBSYS_20EE17AA&REV_03 Unknown PCI Simple Communications Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2A44&SUBSYS_20E617AA&REV_07 Unknown PCI Serial Port PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2A47&SUBSYS_20EC17AA&REV_07 Unknown Network Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_4237&SUBSYS_12118086&REV_00 Unknown Fingerprint Sensor USB\Vid_08ff&Pid_2810&Rev_1703 Unknown I don't know which one is which other than the Ethernet and the Fingerprint sensor. The Ethernet is a Intel 1GBPS controller but other than that I do not know anything about it.
  11. I'm trying to figure out what sound card and what wifi card I have. Windows device manager reveals basically nothing. I'm running windows 2000 pro with usp5.1 Sent from my HTC Hero S using Tapatalk 2
  12. Hey Guys, Just a quick update of how my Windows 2000 is running, this time on my new laptop with 2GB RAM and a Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz. Windows 2000 recognizes and uses BOTH cores! Also, I have been having great success running the Windows XP drivers using UURollup V11 and UURollup 2 Stable and USP5.1. My laptop was designed for XP so I've been very happy to get the XP drivers working in Win2K!
  13. There are at least two things that don't work in Chrome: 1. Tooltips (such as URLs) aren't displayed at all on hover. This isn't critical but still annoying. 2. Javascript pop-up crashes the open tab. If you're unsure what I mean by this, try to delete a private message which I've just sent to you. You won't be able to do it using Chrome in Windows 2000 (unless you disable Javascript in the browser completely which I wouldn't consider a solution to the problem by no means). Haven't had either of those problems to be quite honest. I've had JavaScript popups several times without crashing. Tooltips have displayed, although I'm not certain if it is all of the time. I'm using the latest Chrome version, so maybe something has changed. Google Chrome DOES eat up memory and processes though and with 512MB of RAM I cannot run more than three tabs at a time, otherwise it starts using virtual memory for ALL of the google chrome processes (weird, never had this happen on any other system), so I simply just use three tabs and no more. Note that running GC with three tabs doesnt use up all of the available physical memory, but it will still move to pagefile if you open more... Strange... My new laptops hard drive just failed after all of that hard work getting Windows 2000 on it... Grrr, now I'm waiting for my new HD to show up so I can repeat the whole process again. Also another note, integrating USP5.1 and the UURollouts using nLive works perfect. AntiVirus programs have become very big and bloated. That is why I went back to ClamWin, as I've never gotten a virus with it on a PC, and using AVG I've gotten viruses before and I wasn't happy, since I was paying for it...
  14. That's exactly what I said lol. In my test the AV actually worked fine but I don't run it with compatibility mode for security reasons...What portable software app are you using? All the ones I could find are for usb and require xp... I'm using seamonkey which is essentially firefox... I'm gonna give chrome a try though and see how it works... Sent from my HTC Hero S using Tapatalk 2
  15. It is amaZing. I tried LibreOffice 4.2 but it said requires windows xp, tried the application compatibility launcher, same thing. I extracted the msi and have so far had the program working. I'm going to package it up with a new installer that works on 2000. I'm downloading vlc tonight. Currently running softmaker free office and seamonkey as well. All works good so far! Sent from my HTC Hero S using Tapatalk 2

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