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  1. jaclaz @jaclaz intimidating things is one of the funniest and dumbest things humans do when things stop working - or when they smash their toes with the door or the head with the window
  2. If you perform the /1 N1 command and then you fart and open and close the window, and then do ten push-ups and shout "FIX ME! FIX ME! FIX ME!!" it will work as well, if the drive suffers just from the 7200.11 bug. Should all of us trying to repair our drives fart and open the window, and then do the push-ups and shout three times FIX ME!? Powering it off at that point has nothing to do with the problem you are trying to solve. If it really makes a difference - then your drive needs to meet the doctor, or the rubbish. I hope that's clear enough!! Regards
  3. And your point is? It is clearly stated in several places, including the READ-ME-FIRST how the instructions and the assistance provided here is ONLY related to two definite errors, the "LBA0" and the "BSY" caused by a single, definite issue in firmware (log counter). It is NEVER suggested to apply the "fix" if the symptoms are not correspondent to the above. BUT a number of people, that had nothing to lose, went ahead and applied the same "fix" to slightly different symptoms, and some of them had their disks revived. <- this plainly means that the "fix" works also for some disks affected by different issues. Quick explanation: A. disk bricked B. data on it not worth between US$ 500 and US$ 1,000 (typical figures that professionals are going to charge for recovering the data) or C. having not the financial possibility to spend said amount of money. A+B=0 (nothing to lose) A+C=0 (nothing to lose) Noone in it's right mind, whenever the data is actually worth that kind of money, will even think to risk to lose the data forever, but all the rest can well fork from a handful of bucks and attempt (if the symptoms are the correspondent ones or even if they are not) to apply the provided routines. They won't be anyway in a "worse" situation, and they won't anyway spend hundreds of dollars on the stupid thingy, they had lost their data before the failed attempt and they will have them lost after it. jaclaz Well, I must slightly disagree. I've read the "READ-ME-FIRST" page and ok, only for 7200.11 on BSY state or LBA0 state. But you should know that almost all problems a hard drive can have will result on a BSY state, making any drive unresponsive to ATA commands. You dropped the drive? BSY. You have faulty heads? BSY. You have loads of bad sectors? BSY again. The thing is, ok, you may not have the money OR the knowledge now, but maybe tomorrow? Of course if data is of no value, go ahead. But things can go worse, indeed. It happened to me, so I must warn other people. Cheers
  4. m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 is not a general reset as some are stating. It is a translator regeneration of the user area (m0 for user area) taking into account the defect lists. If the drive you apply this 'cure' suffers from something else (i.e. the diagnosis does not match the description: perfectly spinning, FW SD15 or so), such command may reset the primary defects list - and then say good bye to your data unless you pay someone a large amount of money to reconstruct it from the factory logs (up to tens of thousands of entries), in case they are alive.
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