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  1. WAndrey, i've read documentation about %~dp but if i have a batch file and i launch it from cmd file without %~dp variable it works on my pc but if i use it via WPI i must add the variable to make it workable... Why WPI needs this variable?
  2. Thank you WAndrey, it works! This is a WPI bug? Why we must add %~dp0 to a working cmd file? Is possible to solve via config file this issue? Thank you for this great tool
  3. Cmd is correct, it works if i run it manually from WPI install folder but if i run it via WPI it doesn't find exe file in the folder... I suppose i've used a bad command in wpi but i can't find solution...
  4. Hi, i have a question about using a cmd or bat file in WPI. I've read all documentation about {BATCH} command using it {BATCH} "%wpipath%\Install\Filefolder\batchname.cmd" My batch works perfectly if i run it directly from cmd file but if i use wpi i see this warning Batch doesn't find exe file, but cmd is correct... I attach config.js script and batch file (to work it needs latest javax86 installer http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=83383 Please help me, thank you config.js java_x86.cmd

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