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  1. ok, thanks. I will try that! From the list I gave, do you think that any other component might need extra drivers during the installation stage? Are you fairly confident that it is just the IDE/AHCI driver that is to blame for the freezing? Would it be worthwhile slipstreaming the service packs at the same time as adding these two drivers?
  2. Alright, here is the output for "Sata as IDE" -- http://pastebin.com/kDhFk93y and "Sata as AHCI" -- http://pastebin.com/bkwRXvkk Anything else you need?
  3. Thanks for your reply. I only have one cd-r left, so I want to be as sure as possible what to do before burning it. So let's chat a bit more first :-) I had tried putting sata in ahci mode already, but it freezes in exactly the same place. That should remove the IDE abstraction, and there would be no sign of LBA48 to confuse it. In ahci mode, I'd expect it to get to the next stage and tell me there are no hard disks found, rather than just crashing (I can't actually remember what win2k does if there are no drives connected). My expectation might be wrong though. I've tried with two different hard disks: a 320GB sata disk which is brand new, and is partitioned into 3 parts: I want win2k to go on partition 1 which is 80GB, and I have since put ubuntu on partition 2 which is 40GB, and the third partition is currently unused, but will eventually be for all my software and files. The second disk I tried with is my 80GB sata backup hard disk (with a single 80GB partition). I tried booting the install cd with this drive connected, specifically because it was smaller, and within the 128GB limit of LBA. But the installer behaves exactly the same. My previous win2k PC was set up almost exactly the same with an 80GB sata hard disk, with sata configured as ide. It's hard to guess exactly what the difference is that's causing it to halt.
  4. I had already tried this, and it had no effect either way. Here is the booklet for the motherboard if it is any help: ​http://downloadmirror.intel.com/18357/eng/D510MO_ProductGuide01_English.pdf ​ ​A couple of things in the bios that might be important: 1. Although there is a "SATA as IDE" setting which is Enabled, there is apparently no way to configure the appearance of IDE. I believe that win2k does not support LBA48 out of the box. Would that cause it to hang like this if intel's implementation of IDE is as LBA48? Maybe that isn't the problem though... ​ ​2. intel bios has this feature where by default it sets ram timings automagically. There is a manual override, but I have no idea what to set that to. I doubt this is the issue though, since ubuntu runs just fine with this on Auto. ​ ​3. This new motherboard is fitted with a single 2GB DDR2 module, while my old PC had a single 1GB module. Even though win2k supports this much memory, does it understand 2GB modules? Or is that all abtracted away? ​ ​There are a few other ideas I had, but they're all equally wild and ignorant. I thought it better to ask for help here than struggle forward making shots in the dark.
  5. My win2k machine broke last month after many years of service. I decided to buy myself some new hardware to replace it. I want to install win2k onto this, but I've been having some trouble doing that. ​ ​The new motherboard is an intel D510MO, which is an Atom based board. I assumed there would be no trouble getting the os to run on it, since my previous motherboard was also based on the D510 also. It was from a different manufacturer, though two boards are really very similar in specification, chipset, onboard sound and graphics chips, ddr2 memory. The only significant difference is the bios afaik. ​ On booting with the install CD, the disc spins up and stuff gets loaded into memory for about 1 minute, and it gets to the stage "Starting windows 2k", and then immediately freezes. (this is the normally the point at which the installer prompts us what we want to do) I've been through the cmos settings and enabled/disabled pretty much everything in various combinations to no avail. I have successfully installed ubuntu onto the new hardware to confirm that the hardware works fine. ​ ​I'm not sure what to do :-/
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