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  1. would the sp3 still be the way to go nowadays? what would be the cleanest way to go? without too much stuff you won't need? thanks in advance
  2. Does that sp have support for my 1tb build in? or would i need to apply a patch alongside that sp? thanks for the info
  3. Hi there! I',m new and hope someone can help me out. I recently gathered alot of hardware (mostly new in boxes ) to build my childhood dream pc Everything is build and ready to go but here's my question: What's the best way to use this hardware? i have a win98se install disc (US) but i see there are alot of drivers fixes etc to make this work can someone help me get this thing fired up with the correct patches i would need to make it stable and perhaps make win98se look a bit better than it did back in the day i aprreciate it ALOT ASRock P4i65G 512 MB DDR-400 (or should i add more ram?)
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