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  1. Thanks a lot Fernando for once more! You are great person! Much Respect!
  2. I Did that between the time i post the previous post i enabled and the other option, i did a test and was 140/s now i am trying again and is 80/s still i think something is missing... when you saying SATA ports on mobo? it is on SATA 1 and the cable is the HDD one. On properties: location 0 (Channel 0, Target 0, Lun 0) ps does the raid function helps if will put my other HDD driver? last test 166/s so i think i am fine now
  3. OK I will follow your advice, One more thing, to make it clear, my read speed atm is 250/s almost same when i got the SSD but the write speed is where i have problem, because my write speed was 150-180/s and now its 50/s max, even my HDD has write 50/s so i dont know if you get my point but something is wrong with the write speed, i didnt had ahci before nothing was the same pc same memory same vga, I had to make format my SSD and put new windows up and from that time everything get worst.. PS: thank you for your patience man.
  4. Thanks alot for the welcome man! Thanks for your reply aswell!! WHen i got the ssd i was like OMG everything was better faster games was runing like i had good cpu but now after 3months i had to format my system and i lost write speed now i am doing test and my write is at 50max after that i started searching whats going on, and now i am reading your phrase and will prevent a sudden performance breakdown. So can this happened? Thanks again! PS: I had always IDE enabled on bios, now i made all nvdia controllers to Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE controllers, i got 3 of them and 3 ata channel 0 and 3 ata channel 1 PS1: One more question you may know, My cpu is AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-core Processor 2.21GHz, for the moment i can not effort to change mobo and cpu so i was thinking if i can get a mobo with AHCI who can suport my processor and later on i can get a better cpu aswell, because now i am runing with ddr2 no ahci and no sata 3, what do you think? is it posible?
  5. Hello everyone, I have an old pc and i got a SSD sandisk 128g the read/write speeds is not that good well better then HDD but still low. My Motherboard is Asus M2N68-AM PLUS, I heard something about ACHI, TRIMS, etc, Well in Bios i can not find AHCI i have 3 options on IDE Configuration and that is 1)IDE Controllers 2)Serial -ATA Divices 3) nVidia Raid Function I am runing Windows 7 x64 Can you please help me and tell me what can i do? Thank you

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