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  1. Hi all, I hope I'm not posting something that has allready been covered on this forum, but I couldn't find it using the search tool. This could be because I'm not even understanding the problem, which doesn't give me much to go on.. I want to use nLite to create a lightweight WinXP for my old home desktop, which for as far as I can tell doesn't even have a legit windows version on it right now. Because I'm a student I can cheaply buy all sorts of Windows versions through my school webpage, all these versions however are downloadable ISO files. So, whats my problem? I can't simply 'Locate the Windows Installation' if I point it at the folder which contains the ISO. It also doesn't work if I mount the ISO on a virtual drive. What do I mean when I say "doesn't work"? Well it just gives back the reply: "Make sure that the selected folder or drive contains the 'i386' or 'AMD64' directory and proper windows installation files. nLite is for a pre-install enviroment only, meaning that it cannot modify an existing Windows installation. Etc." So, am I like.. Missing a mayor point here or what? I thought to understand that an ISO file or a mounted one, containing the OS installation, would be the starting point to customize it via nLite. I've looked in the ISO I bought (Windows XP Home Edition SP3 x86 Dutch) and indeed it does not contain anything looking like 'i386' or 'AMD64'. But I'm not understanding what these are, nor how I'm going to fix this issue. Help is much obliged! C.
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