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  1. 11-27-2013 Brock Reports: I installed XP in AHCI mode on a Z77 mainboard using spiff's method. I modified TXTSETUP.OEM to include the third line below: [HardwareIds.scsi.iaAHCI_7] id = "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E02&CC_0106","iaStor" id = "USB\VID_054C&PID_002C", "usbstor" #--Sony (I did this on a second computer.) I knew that my controller device was iaAHCI_7 as defined early in the TxtSetup.oem because I had seen the description "Intel® 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family" for the IDE controller when XP was installed in IDE mode. Tested by installing XP on an 11GB SATA HDD partition. The install was just as fast as on a SSD, completing XP's "39 minute" setup in 3 minutes. I had verified in Device Manager (on second computer) under USB Controllers, Sony USB Floppy, Properties, Details tab, that Hardware Ids was USB\VID_054C&PID_002C just as stated by spiff. There was a second Hardware Id, USB\VID_054C&PID_002C&Rev_0601, but I ignored this. The USB floppy is a Sony Model MPF82E. Included the following files in the root directory of the floppy, as described in the readme that came with the files. iaAhci.inf, iaAhci.cat, iaStor.inf, iaStor.cat, iaStor.sys, and (the modified) TxtSetup.oem The files were downloaded from Intel. Identical files were included on the GigaByte motherboard disc. I had tried the F6 method before modifying TXTSETUP.OEM, and it seemed to work for the first half of the install, then later gave a message like "Insert the driver disk in the floppy", but it was already still in there. (As reported by others.) My purpose was to use a modern motherboard, GigaByte Z77M-D3H, with XP and 4000MB (only) of RAM. The build is a successful dead silent fanless machine using a NOFAN CR95c cooler on a SandyBridge i3 2120T CPU rated 35W TDP. That is a story for another time. In fact I had successfully installed a SSD under AHCI by creating a slipstreamed disc with the drivers using nLite, but I did not want to be bound to this method, and I wanted to prove the Sony USB floppy would work for a traditional F6 install. A deep bow and a handshake to spiff for figuring this out. I have confirmed that "Golden USB floppies" are a myth, and the Sony works just fine when XP can recognize its hardware ID. -Captain Brock
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