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  1. I want to report a search issue I’ve been seeing for some time now in StartIsBack+. It seems that it cannot find properly shortlinks (LNK files) with hyphens in them.


    E.g., I have a shortlink named PDF-Viewer (for PDF-XChange Viewer). Here is what whappens when I type to launch the program:


    “PDF”: It is found and I can launch it.

    “PDF-”: It is found and I can launch it.

    “PDF-Viewer”: Not found.

    “Viewer”: Not found.


    Note that the default Windows 8.1 search on the Start screen finds the program for all four strings above.


    My system: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, fully up-to-date.



  2. An interesting side-effect:

    Enabling the second tweak (“Use libraries; hide folders from This PC”) makes Firefox crash when trying to save a file. The crash happens just right before the point when the Save As dialog is supposed to open.

    Happens in both Firefox 26 Beta and in the latest Firerfox nightly, on Windows 8.1 Pro x64.

    Can anyone else confirm this?

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  3. I just had a go on Windows 8.1. I have a dual monitor setup.

    In the primary window, it worked perfectly. In the secondary window... It was like the desktop no longer knew where the window is. If I start Aero Glass by restarting the DWM process, the secondary monitor keeps the image but I can no longer interact with the screen - its like the desktop is limited to one screen, however, the mouse pointer is able to move there.

    According to bigmuscle (see post #141 earlier in this thread), this has been fixed and the fix will be in the next beta release.


  4. Tihiy, would you consider making an option to show the start button only on the main monitor?

    Why I am asking about this: Today was my first full day working with Windows 8.1 and StartIsBack+, so I don’t know yet if I prefer a single start button or multiple start buttons. What is bugging me is that every time I log in, the first winkey press opens StartIsBack+ on my second monitor, not on the main one.

    If you have the time to look into this, I would be happy to provide any info and feedback you need.


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