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  1. bay12

    bug found?

    Thanks for you answer. So there's anything i can do or you can change in SIB to prevent this kind of behavior?
  2. bay12

    bug found?

    i use the standard jump list (the windows integrated one)
  3. bay12

    bug found?

    thanks for your help. I think i've found what is causing the issue: if i untick the box "do not prelaunch SearchUI and ShellExperienceHost processes" then even if the ram usage is 15 out of 16gb the right click functionality on the task bar remains there. Hopefully this issue can be addressed and fixed by the developer though
  4. bay12

    bug found?

    Hi all, i think i've found a bug in start is back. My configuration is: pc with 16gb of ram, window 10 1809 and startisback++ 2.9. When the ram usage reaches 13/14gb and is approaching the limit of 16gb (this usually happens when i keep chrome open with loads of tabs for hours) windows tries to free up memory and i think something happens in the explorer.exe process. From that point when i try to right click on any icon in windows taskbar, the right click menu doesn't' show up. To fix this i have to restart the explorer process and everything goes back to normal. I've done the same test deleting startisback and the issue IS NOT happening. So i think it depends by startisback. Can you guys try to re-create the issue and confirm if happens for you as well? thanks all in advance
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