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  1. No worries. I am a grown up and have moved on. I won't be back here to even say boo. You have a great day.
  2. I know enough to know that what people are asking is not possible. Hence my closing the door on it. Thanks for the reply though. I am done here and appreciate everyone's help just the same. Have a great day.
  3. I am aware of where they extract to and what is in them. There are only a few inf files that are available and they do not work in nLite. I am aware of the updated versions of drivers. There are 2 that can be updated and they do not work in nLite either. So I guess there is no other way to incorporate these drivers in a slipstream. Thanks for your time just the same. Have a great day.
  4. I read the tutorial here and the ones regarding sata drivers etc via google. It's all greek to me. I know exactly what these drivers are for and correlate to. In no specific order. Chipset Modem Network Audio Video I came here seeking help so I am someone who "does" or I would not be here. There are no cab files. Just the files I noted above. They are the required drivers I need slipstreamed and I have them. Not everyone can make sense of this stuff and so when I do need help after doing as much research as I can then I ask for it. There are no inf files that work in nlite within the exe files. If you cannot help then I understand. I appreciate your time just the same. Please be kind with me though.
  5. Hello everyone, I realy need some expert advice on how I can slipstream 5 drivers I need for Windows XP SP3 via nLite. Or if another way that is possible. I had a Dell Recource Disc for years that provided the drivers for me. I want to add those 5 drivers to my slipstreamed XP disc but they won't. I have even extracted them and tried the inf files as has been mentioned in tutorials on the web. Not al of the drivers even have inf files and the couple that do will not install. I realy need help with this so I can slipstream them into XP SP3. The drivers are: R58201.EXE R74542.EXE R78727.EXE R81063.EXE R82503.EXE
  6. I am confused by this. What exactly is the issue? Should I not slipstream KB2686509 at all?

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