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  1. By donation (with another username .. myself, don't worry) , the last working run was the 8.7.1 , but since I updated to 8.7.2 (and x.3 ) i can't no longer run my config. This afternoon I'll start a new setup (clean) if the error appears again I 'll let you know
  2. 1 - 8.7.3 (same error 8.7.2) 2 - No 3 - NO, it is imported from a previous version of WPI, if I create a new config, everything is fine until I leave the program and start again maybe the problem is my windows in Spanish ?
  3. Help , No matter what I do , I get this error always appears when entering settings or trying to configure any component of the WPI. I deleted all returned to default and nothing happens, but for some reason to reopen the program and continue with the settings I get this error. When it appears no matter what I do will follow until you reinstall the computer, and I tried on WinXP / 7/8 /10, even virtualizing the OS, if that error appears on the computer I can no longer use WPI
  4. WPI won't start on windows XP, No matter what version of Internet Explorer is installed, DxhWins is not an object is what it says...

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