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  1. Guys i still have a problem.

    i have replaced the old setup.exe with the new one (in the already slipstreamed files).

    then i modified the setup.ini. attached below a copy of my modification. but after windows installation is complete and during the applications installation it bypasses the office

    What is my mistake ?? : :(


    ; The cache section provides settings for caching the install source locally

    ; Value Default Description

    ; CDCACHE 2 Option to specify cache level

    ; [auto, 0, 1, 2]

    ; LOCALCACHEDRIVE <predefined> Option to specify a drive to cache

    ; the install source to

    ; DELETABLECACHE 1 Option to display UI to remove the

    ; cache at the end of setup [0,1]

    ; PURGE 0 Option to always remove cache at end of

    ; setup [0,1]






  2. Hi every body,

    I have prepared an unattended installation for windows xp including office 2003. I was following all the guides in this presious site.

    It worked perfectly for the administrator account but later on when i created new users strange things happened. For example when u try to run any office product it is asking for inserting the source cd also some problems that i used registry files to register some programs serial numbers for example getright i find that it is still in trial mode. also language settings of windows is different.

    Any suggestions ???

    Thanks :rolleyes:

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