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  1. I startet playing with Windows 2000 lately and i run onto lots of problems. I could solve all till now, using google. But i was wondering, if a site exicts with all you need? Like updates, patches, free software and so on. Maybe also some drivers. And maybe not only for W2k, but also for 9x and NT4. For example: Including the unofficial SP5 and the workarround of Wsusoffline. And very important Winamp and how to get AAC/M4A file working. And i still get some BSOD sometime from my videodriver... But i'm not finished jet
  2. I have here a HP T5700 thinclient which i use for some old software and games. I used BootMagic as bootloader and installed MS-DOS 6.22 (even managed to get a USB DVD player wokring), Windows 98 (used the 98 Autopatcher here) and Windows 95 OSR 2.5 (used the 2.5 because of the support of Fat32). The HP has an ATI Radeon 7000m 16mb graphiccard, i found some drivers that should work, but they dont. I got error messagaes after installing and rebooting it. "The .EXE file is linked to missing export USER32.DLL". So the file calls a function that is not supported by this version. So or it is not ment to be to run on W95 or my system is not up to date. Cause its a clean install i think some updates could make the trick. But were can i find those? Preferably like the 98 patcher all in one. And than if possible USB support. If wanted i can give more information about the machine and some pictures.
  3. Well, great work. Just installed a retro machine for some retro gaming and software. So this was great. Now is there also something like this for Windows 95? I have a tripple boot on that machine along whit Dos, but i'm need some patches and stuff for W95. Oh i|m running the OSR2.5 on it, if that matters.
  4. Nono.. im still here. And i'll try something of those. But a.t.m. i had no time to test it. I was buisy to get an old 802.11b card wordking in an Amiga 1200. But i'll try to get it working this week.
  5. We had 70, the most went into the garbage. But that was before my time here in this company.
  6. I'll try to patch the bios. It's an Award D586 on a socket. So it's no risk indeed. @cdob unfortuanlly does all my 2,5" harddisk no hardware 32gb jumper. otherwise it would no problem. Well a little problem, the bigger harddisks i have are IBM/Hitachi, and IBM does not have the DDO awailible anymore (but i think i should have one in my drivers backups.... somewere. I have somethink of 20 GB old drivers from the Dos and W9x era). What...??? 500 Dollar... Holy sh... I have 14 of those here. Or let say 13, because we had some whit touchscreen and 640x480 resoution and some whitout touschscreen and 800x600 resolution. So now i have a 800x600 whit toushscreen.
  7. Oh i ment vmdk files, Vmware virtual Disk image files. The problem is that this is a special mainboard (see picture), and there are no custom BIOS files, and im not sure to make my own. But it's worth a try... i have 14 of those machies here. So no problem when i kill one or two
  8. Is it not possible to use DDO on the smaller harddisk to active the bigger one? Also found PLOP (http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanagers.html), maybe this could be a solution. Plop aslo reads vmk files.
  9. Hello everybody... I have a problem with my musikplayer project. First of all about my project. I got some old cash register computers from my company, DLOG HPC 5, these are old 8,4" touschscreen computers with an AMD K6-II 400 Mhz CPU and 256 mb Ram. XP runs fine on it. Also installed Foobar2000 as musik library. Now the problem is that the computer only sees max 32 Gb harddisks. Bigger harddisks are not seen by the Bios (there is no Bios update and no expansion slots for an extra controller). Now i tried 2 harddisks, the first (20gb) with XP and the secend (80gb) for data, than set the second harddisk on "None" in the bios. XP sees the bigger harddisk and it's working. But i don't have the space for two harddisks in this case. Now i got a 32mb (megabyte) SSD, a so called "on disk module", this one would fit next to a normal 2,5" harddisk. Than i tried to get XP in the first partiton on the big harddisk and the boot part on the 32 mb ssd. But this is not working because the harddisk is not accessible whitout a bios entery. And now i need some help. I know from the very old past, when there was the 8 gb and 32 gb limit, that harddisk manufacturers had software to write some data into the MBR so that the OS would see the bigger space. But is this also possible whit my problem. Or is there another solution?
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