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  1. I can change this in the bios can't I? I think any machine that can run Win2K or WinXP will be able to boot from this won't it? I am not sure what you mean by "support." Where would I find out if the machine I want to boot supports booting from a USB drive? Is this stated in the BIOS? So, as I understand it, as long as I have the drivers from machine A (mine) I can then install them on machine B (my friend's) and things will work okay? I am not sure why I would need to install drivers on machine "B" for hardware that is not connected to machine "B" but I can understand that Machine "B" might have drivers for hardware that is not connected to machine "A" In which case it would mean I need the drivers for the machine that I am booting at all times. However, Win2K almost automatically installs drivers when it finds new hardware connected so this might not be such a problem unless I run into someone with odd hardware.
  2. Is it possible to place Win2K on one of these new USB 1GB Pen drives and boot a computer from it? I would like to place Win2K and a couple small applications on this and carry it with me when I travel and boot up a friend's machine from it. Is this possible? How about from a USB 260 GB hard drive? (I am not sure what the difference is aside from size) If so how would I go about doing this?

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