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  1. Yeah my expirience is when you set the quick launch folder as: XPCD\$OEM$\$Docs\Default User\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch Then this will apply to all the user wich will be created.
  2. Seems like the perfect sollution.... Gonna test it 2night. ReNi
  3. Have the same problem..... i did a change in my regtweaks.reg were the quicklaunch bar key is now the last one ,that regtweaks.reg adds to the registry. Gonna test it tomorrow. Let's see if its more stable now..... And for the theme thats a question for my as well.... My theme is set in winnt.sif..... Does someone else also have this same problem??? ReNi
  4. It 's for me not an illegally manor but an automation of the activation process.... for my unattended install on several machines
  5. Yeah 2bad i also can confirm that this activation method works only machine specified. So if you copy the dll of machine 1 the activation will only work on machine 1... Too bad... If someone has a solution to make a universal activation... it would be very nice to share the thing with me cq. us. Grtz.. ReNi
  6. I grabed the dll after an uninstallation of nav2005. copyed the dll before installing. And the strange thing is that i have tested it on my laptop. and there it works and says that it is activated. then with the same dvdunattendedxpwithnav2005 etc of mine i installed it on another machine wich says: "NAV was unable to scan beacause your license of this product has expired." or something like it. :-s..... hmmm
  7. BBQmyNUTZ: Having the same problem. Installed it on my first pc. Everything was fine and activate was already done. Installing it to a second one. And hat one is asking for a activation again. strange.......

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