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  1. Thanks for the link. I tested both CDs and neither produced an error. nLite did mention a second CD; I relocated the OS files to reproduce the error: "To make sure that Media Center will be properly installed you need to copy the 'cmpnents' folder from the second CD into the E:\xp'. I was only provided with a single disk (which of course does not contain CMPNENTS), but I did find a CMPNENTS folder in the root of my C: drive. This time I included those files and didnt tweak ANYTHING, though I still got the "txtsetup.sif" error. If by "original XP MCE" you mean a full installation disk usable on any computer, no. As stated earlier it is a OEM recovery disk provided by Gateway: "Windows XP Media Center Version 2005 with Update Rollup 2". It seems to contain all of the files on an ordinary installation CD, and I've successfully installed it on another, non-Gateway computer.
  2. Here are the files. The message occurred during the first step, "Locating the Windows Installation". I tried several times using THE SAME OS DISK, but burning several CDs with different settings (with and without SP3 slipstreamed). I have repeated the "Locating" step a few times and I always get the message. The txtsetup.sif error occured directly after "Press any key to boot from CD..." when I pressed a key. After the error, my computer restarts automatically. Thanks!! --Also, I have a AMD Turion64 X2 processor if that matters... I have always used 32-bit windows without problems. Last Session.ini txtsetup.sif
  3. Hello, I have a Gateway 2005 laptop loaded with Windows Media Center Edition, Service Pack 3. After years of use things have gotten pretty slow, so I attempted to strip-down my OEM Operating System Disk with nLite. The CD labels reads "Windows XP Media Center Version 2005 with Update Rollup 2". The actual nLite setup went perfectly, except when I was prompted to browse for the Media Center folder (something like cmpnts, I don't remember exactly). I just skipped that and it basically treated the installation as XP Professional. I don't think this caused my problem: When I boot from the CD I burned, I get an error: "INF file txtsetup.sif corrupt or missing, error 14". I have burned several CDs, without the slipstreamed SP3, with and without the Media Center files, using the files at C:\Windows\I386 instead of those on the CD, etc, with no success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!