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  1. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Hi Fernando. Firstly I want to commend you for what I consider to be the most comprehensive post on the topic of Windows XP with AHCI on the web. It took me four days of major frustration before finding MSFN and your post on it. I solved my problem before you posted your reply and it was something that was not in your reply. While using nLite in My Document directory, my file structure was too long. I moved all relevant directories to C:\ root directory and after implementing nLite from there, the process of booting from my CD was no longer aborted. Fernando I recommend that you include this as a precaution of preventing "long files names" and "work in root directory" in your index page > 3. Additional advices for the later OS installation: Thanks for the additional info anyway, because I will now implement your added input to achieve my desired result to boot my XP in AHCI. Once again, thanks for help, especially for responding so quickly, you are a real star. Regards ZorroXP
  2. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    I have been trying to boot my XP Pro 32 bit in AHCI mode by implementing nLite, with numerous drivers and keep up coming up with the same problem. After burning my new CD, as soon as I boot CD, I get message: "No drives found", and the whole process is aborted. If I use nLite and prepare CD with Win XP OS only and no AHCI drivers slipstreamed onto CD, then my 500GB Seagate HDD is recognized. I read everything on the Index Page, and it appears my CD-ROM drive might be the problem, and I might have to purchase a USB Ext. CD-ROM drive to achieve my goal, however before I go out and spend unnecessary money, I would appreciate some feedback if this is in fact is the right diagnosis. My machine setup. Motherboard Intel DH77KC CPU Intel i7 3770 RAM: Single 4MB DDR3 1600Mhz HDD Seagate 6GB Sata 500MB - Connected to Sata 0 CD\DVD Writer LG Modisc - Model GH24NS95 - Connected to Sata 4 Operating System: Windows XP SP3 - 32bit